Scott Riddle's Secret

I am assuming that you have all read about Harry Potter. He was the famous wizard who defeated Voldemort. The Harry Potter series were written to explain about Harry, and they were almost perfect. J.K. Rowling wrote that Voldemort never loved. But maybe he did. Read about Scott Riddle, a.k.a. Voldemort's son.


23. (Part 4) The First Dance Party

Dumbledore announced that the first dance party would be next week. 

Scott and Johnny were nervous. They didn't know what to wear. So they ended up going to five different stores, trying to decide what they were going to wear. 

Johnny ended up buying a black suit and a pink bow tie. Scott, too, bought a suit, but with a dark blue necktie with tiny light blue fishes on it. 

Even though Johnny and Scott wanted to talk about the dance party all the time, they couldn't. They mostly talked and complained about their homework and tests. 

Then came the party. 

Johnny and Scott walked to the party together. They were nervous. 

When they arrived there, Scott gazed at the girls. Most of them were beautiful. 

Johnny looked excited. Then, a beautiful girl with long light brown hair walked to Scott. Her hair was curly and bounced along her back as she walked. 

Her eyes were divine. No one could explain how they looked like. Her cheeks were rosy and her dress was the most beautiful thing Scott had ever seen. 

Johnny blushed wildly, dropping a glass of juice on the floor. 

The girl said, "Hi, Scott! Want to dance with me?" 

Scott asked a stupid question. But he meant it. 

"Who are you?" 

The girl rolled her eyes. 

"Come on, it's me, Natalie."

Now Scott saw how it was. She was Natalie Everdeen. 

Scott said, "Sure, I'd love to!"

Johnny just stared at Natalie 

But then, Natalie did something unusual. Something that Scott had never been in a middle of. 

She planted a kiss on Scott's cheek. 

*seconds past*

Natalie said, "I love you, Scott." 

Scott whispered, "I love you, too."

Then, they started to dance gracefully. They had fun. 

At the end, when the party was over, Scott said, 

"See ya tomorrow, Natalie."

Natalie said, "Good night, Scott." 

Then, as if they planned it, Scott and Natalie kissed each other on the lips. 


*Next day*

Johnny woke Scott up. The sun was shinning brightly. 

Johnny said, "Man, why do all the cute girls like you? I had to dance with Ashley Fedo. And she is UGLY!" 

Scott said, "I've been friends with Natalie for a week or so now. She's cool." 

Johnny said, "She's super cute. And did you see her kiss you? She looked happier than you were!" 

Scott said, "I don't know, Johnny. And Ashley isn't that ugly." 

Johnny said, "She talks about Professor Jonathan all the time. She's worse than Maddie." 

Scott said, "I don't think anyone's worse than Maddie! But maybe Ashley is... I saw her give Professor Jonathan a gift card to a coffee shop or something." 

Johnny laughed. 

"I can imagine her. I'm never dancing with her again! I think I'm going to try Maddie next time." 

Scott asked the question to himself, 'Maddie? Why her?'

Scott said, "Why her? I thought you didn't like her." 

Johnny said, "Maybe I don't! Maybe I miss her! Maybe I've been going out with her privately every week at night!" 

Scott finally knew what was happening. Maddie was Johnny's girlfriend! Maybe Maddie didn't like Scott anymore and that's why she broke their friendship up. 

Scott said, "Wow, Johnny... Never thought you'll be under all of this. But why didn't you dance with her then?" 

Johnny said, "She was dancing with Luke Bryant. You know, a seventh year. And I'm kind of mad at her. I think she likes Luke more." 

Scott groaned. He didn't like it when people said things like that. 

"Johnny, relax! Luke Bryant is a jerk anyway." 

Johnny shook his head. 

"You don't know how much girls like her. I always observe girls during our free time. They are ALWAYS talking about Luke Bryant." 

Scott said, "Ask her! Ask her if she wants to break up with you! Maybe she was just dancing with him to not let everyone know that you are her boyfriend. Can't you think in a more positive way?" 

Johnny shook his head. 

Scott said, "Never mind. Let's just eat breakfast and go to Herbology. It's your favorite subject. It might cheer you up." 

Scott, without waiting for Johnny, walked to the Great Hall for breakfast. He was sort of mad at Johnny for keeping a secret from him. But he knew that it would be a little hard to tell when his girlfriend was Maddie.


*Months later*

But everything turned out alright. Johnny and Maddie are still together and so are Scott and Natalie. Scott and Natalie are very happy. They are what people say the perfect couple. 

For the rest of the dances, Scott and Natalie danced together. They didn't switch partners. They loved each other too much to do that. 

Johnny and Maddie, too, danced together most of the time. But Maddie sometimes danced with Luke Bryant. 

The sixth year was now over. Nothing special happened. But James had sent him a letter that he, Lily, and Harry were in grave danger. So Scott had to stay at Johnny's house for the summer. 

*Seventh Year*

Nothing special happened in Scott's seventh year. The only thing was that James and Lily died. Scott was depressed. But he was happy to know that Harry, had survived. Scott graduated Hogwarts as a very noble student. He was still together with Natalie. 


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