Scott Riddle's Secret

I am assuming that you have all read about Harry Potter. He was the famous wizard who defeated Voldemort. The Harry Potter series were written to explain about Harry, and they were almost perfect. J.K. Rowling wrote that Voldemort never loved. But maybe he did. Read about Scott Riddle, a.k.a. Voldemort's son.


18. (Part 3) The Third Task

The days drifted by. Scott didn't really have a secret because Johnny and Maddie already knew that he loved Scarlett. There was also no sign of Scarlett. Although only a week had passed, Scott was getting worried. 

The only secret that Scott had was the locket and that Scarlett had promised to him that she would write to him. 

But Scarlett hadn't. And Scott was getting a bit mad at Scarlett now. 

He had gotten the letter once more that the third task would be a mystery duel. The date was also there. It was three days from that day. 

Scott was sitting near the largest window, staring outside. He could see the sun shining and some students practicing Quidditch. But his mind was blank. He had tried to write a letter to Scarlett, but it was too hard. They weren't really best friends. 

He had crumpled up thirty rolls of parchment. Nothing just fitted. Scott stared outside the blank window once more. 

He saw an owl coming to him. He sat there, still feeling blank. Then he realized that an owl was coming to him. He stood up, hoping it was from Scarlett. 

The owl left him a letter. Scott opened it immediately. 

It said:

Hi Scott...

This is Scarlett. I'm sorry I didn't write to you until this time. I didn't know what to write and my dad was still spying on me. 

Beauxbatons is horrible. I hate it. It's so boring since there are no boys to perk up the classes. 

(I wish I can just run out.) 

But Dad's still saying that its the perfect place for me. (Which is not true. I don't have you, Scott.) 

I heard that you won... Congratulations. I'm sorry I can't be there to actually celebrate with the other Gryffindors... 

I'll write more if I can... If I can control my impossible thoughts. 

Remember though... 

I love you. 



Scott held the letter close to his chest for a while. Scarlett... Why did she have to leave? The question came back. 

But Scarlett loved him... She wrote that. She wrote that Beauxbatons isn't good because he wasn't there... 

Scott ended up sitting at the windowsill once more, staring outside. He wondered if he should write back. He wanted to. But he wasn't too brave. 

Scott ended up taking out a roll of parchment. 

He wrote what he thought would be right. 

Hi Scarlett, 

This is Scott.. I miss you, too. I want to see you every day, but realizing I can't. 

But I might see you once more... I'm just not going to tell you when. 

It might happen and it might not happen. But whatever happens, I'll think of you, Scarlett, all the time. 

I love you, too. I hate spending these days without you being there to cheer me up. 

This may be the last letter I write, but just know, 

I love you. 



He sent an owl with the letter. 


It was time for the third task, he, Maddie, and Johnny went to the World of the Unknown, where they were supposed to go. The World of the Unknown was like the Wonderland in Alice in Wonderland, except that no animals or humans lived there. But it was known that it was dangerous. 

The World of the Unknown was the area near the Forbidden Forest. But no one knew exactly where the area was. There was a small stairway that led to the world in the middle of the Forbidden Forest. But they went underground then up and down and up. 

Many people were going to the World of the Unknown. The stairways were crowded. Johnny looked afraid, though. He thought that the place was dangerous. But Scott walked through the stairway proudly. He wasn't scared. 

He walked quickly out of the stairways though. The path wasn't fun  to walk. When they finally got out of the passageway, a lot of people were there, sitting on huge benches. 

Soon, the third task started. 

They were to find their love ones' prisons and duel the other survived ones. When a person won the duel, the person's loved one will be safe. 

As soon as the task started, the players began to duel. Scott was safer because LizaJane Arnolds was willing to protect him. He set off looking for a prison. He ran around looking for it when he met Ty Kik. 

Ty raised his wand. Scott did, too. But his hand was shaking. Ty Kik stared at Scott. He made a sly smile. 

He said, "Scott. I have to win... Be prepared to fail."

Ty raised his wand and shouted, "Expelliarmus!" 

But Scott had learned some spells from James. No way he was going to fall from that. 


The curse flew back at Ty. He fell to the ground. Scott ran away. But Ty came after him. Ty looked angrier than ever. 

He shouted at Scott, "Serpentoriento!" 

A huge serpent came out of no where. 


The serpent died, splashing blood everywhere. Scott was covered in blood. 

Ty shouted, "Erecto!" 

The curse nearly missed but hit Scott slightly on his left hand. Scott felt pain. A large wound was in his hand. 

But then LizaJane ran to him. When she found Ty Kik, she shouted, 


Ty was tied up. Scott thanked LizaJane and ran away. 

Then, he found a prison. He ran to it. It was... it was... his. He was sure of it. He could see Scarlett. He was right... It was Scarlett... Scarlett was sitting in the empty prison. 

She shouted, 

"Scott? Is that you?" 

Scott nodded. Scarlett smiled. 

"I'm so happy to see you." 

Scott smiled. He said, 

"I need to go. I'll come back for you... Don't worry... I just want you to be safe." 

Scarlett said, "Don't worry about me." 

Scott ran, thinking about Scarlett. He had to win. How embarrassing would it be if he didn't? Would Scarlett be safe?

He turned around a corner when he saw a man. A man.. He thought, 'That's weird. Why is there a man here?'

The man was wearing a mask. He turned around. Scott's face turned pale. He looked like a Death Eater. 

The man made a sly smile and took off his mask. He had long silver blonde hair. He made a sly smile. 

He said, "The Dark Lord must come...I found the boy." 

Scott gulped. He knew what that meant. Voldemort was after him again. He hated his dad so much. Scott wished he never signed up for that contest. Death Eaters were coming into the contest. They were going to ruin it. Were the other students safe? No one seemed safe. It was like they were declaring war. 

Scott ran away. He didn't stop near Scarlett. He was afraid that the Death Eater would find him. If he did, Scarlett would be in danger. So he ran past Scarlett to where he had dueled with Ty Kik. He was still there, tied up. 

Scott said, untying the rope, 

"Death Eaters. They are here. Don't kill me. We have to kill the Death Eaters. There's one coming right now." 

Ty looked confused. But when he saw the Death Eater, he looked more scared than ever. 

He and Scott ran like the wind. But the Death Eater could fly. Scott and Ty were about to die. 

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