Scott Riddle's Secret

I am assuming that you have all read about Harry Potter. He was the famous wizard who defeated Voldemort. The Harry Potter series were written to explain about Harry, and they were almost perfect. J.K. Rowling wrote that Voldemort never loved. But maybe he did. Read about Scott Riddle, a.k.a. Voldemort's son.


16. (Part 3) The Second Task

When it was two, Johnny, Maddie, and Scott ran to the Forbidden Forest. Scott was a little nervous and he personally wanted to think about the place before the task actually started. 

They reached the Forbidden Forest. It was scary as it always was. 

As the first task, there was a little hut at the edge of the Forbidden Forest. 

Johnny and Maddie wished him good luck and drifted away. Scott stared at the hut. He went inside the hut. Scott sat at a chair that was there. It was about the only thing inside the hut. The chair was right in the middle. 

He stared in front him. The only thing he could see was the white walls of the hut. It was a little yellowish, he realized, after staring at it for ten minutes.

He tried to organize his mind. It was totally wild right now. 

Scott yawned. Staring at the wall wasn't fun. Then, he heard footsteps. He stopped staring at the wall. He stood up and peeked out of the door. He saw a girl. But he could only see her long silky golden hair. He stared at the girl. He knew who it was: Scarlett. But he couldn't connect the thought that Scarlett was there to his brain. It just didn't seem to match. 

Then, the girl turned around. Definitely Scarlett. 

Scott blushed. 

Scarlett gave him a package. Then, she ran away. Scott hoped it wasn't a good-bye present or something like that. He stared at Scarlett. Soon, she was out of his sight. He opened the package. 

There was a note attached to it. 

It said: Scott, I'm leaving. My father told me that I'll have to go to Beauxbatons. He said that he didn't want me to get mixed up with boys... He wanted me to stay in an all-girl school. I don't want to leave, but my parents are really pushing me to. I'll miss you.  Love, Scarlett. 

Scott stared at the note. That couldn't be possible. Scarlett couldn't be leaving. He opened the package. It was a locket. A golden one. On the locket, there were silver letters written on it: Scott & Scarlett. On the other side, it said: I love you. 

There was another note. It said: 

I'll keep one. You keep it. 

Scott hanged the locker on his neck. He made sure that it was hidden well underneath his shirt. He didn't know what time it was. But he knew that the search for Scarlett would have to wait. 

He was right. It was almost time for the second task. The Minister of Magic and Peter Muffindis walked around the huts, watching the survived ones talk with their friends. Johnny and Maddie came to him, too. He hid the notes in his pocket and he made sure that the locket was totally not visible. It would be a nightmare when Johnny or Madide saw the locket. It would be a nightmare if anyone saw it. 

Scott tried to act natural. They talked about Green Land. But Scott's mind was still at Scarlett. Why was she switching schools? What about boys? Was Mr. Loughson afraid that Scarlett would get too fond of boys too quickly? Scott just couldn't understand. 

Scott wasn't really paying attention. Maddie noticed. 

She asked him, "Scott, what was I saying again?" 

Scott gulped. He had no idea what they were talking about. 

He said, "Sorry. I have a lot of things in my mind right now... I'm really nervous. I didn't listen." 

Johnny patted him on the shoulder and said, 

"I understand, mate. That's what happens to me when I'm nervous." 

But it wasn't that Scott was nervous. He was worried, sad, and upset. Why was Scarlett leaving? 


Finally, It was time for the second task. Peter Muffindis told the survived ones to put their favorite magical plant on the table and explain about the book first. 

It was first Patrick Regile's turn. 

He took a big breath and started. 

"This book's title is "Living Underwater". This story is written in the plants' perspective. It gives fun jokes and amazing facts. There is a section about King Frutzs, Lisands, Ralies, Walasps, Marauks, Picotises, Yelins, and Riclies. My favorite section is the section about the Walasps. They are my favorite plants. They are amazing." 

Peter Muffindis said, "Good, but too much information."

Patrick's face turned red. 

Then, he started explaining the plant. 

"This is a Walasp. It reacts to the sun and food. It eats human food. But, it can photosynthesis."

Then, it was Scott's turn. He started speaking about the book. 

"This book's title is "Plants that Grow on Animals". The author is Sharon Lara. It is about plants that live on animals. Most of the times, the plants help the animals and the animals help the plants. It's very fascinating." 

Peter Muffindis said, giving an approving nod, "Better... Now, to the plant." 

Scott said, "This plant's name is a swapwiggly. It is from a world called Green Land. See the pitcher there? Any liquid that goes into that pitcher would turn gold and harden into a cube. It can also produce light in dark places." 

Everyone clapped. Then, the rest of the people went on. 

Peter Muffindis said, "There are only going to be four people left after this. First one, LizaJane Arnolds from Gryffindor." 

Everyone in Gryffindor cheered and clapped. 

"Second, Ty Kik from Ravenclaw." 

Everyone in Ravenclaw cheered and clapped. 

"Third, Larry Carb from Slytherin." 

Scott and the other houses groaned, but Slytherin cheered and clapped loudly. 

Peter Muffindis gulped and continued, 

"The last one is Scott Wilson from Gryfifndor." 

Scott stood there frozen, but smiling. He heard loud cheers and claps from Gryffindor, Ravenclaw, and Hufflepuff. He had won the second task. Now, there was only one left. 


When the second task was completely over, Scott ran over to Johnny and Maddie. They congratulated him and hugged him. Scott wished that Scarlett was there... Wouldn't she be happy... 

He got the paper once more. It said: 

Dear Scott Wilson, 

You have successfully past the second task. The third one is going to be based on Defense Against Dark Arts. It's dueling time!

You will learn how the duel would work. 

Here is a simple outline of it: 

Your boyfriend/girlfriend or boy you like/girl you like would be trapped in a cell. You have to go through the guards to save him/her. One more thing, bothering other people is allowed. 

Good luck. 


the Tale of the Bombchesters committee 

Scott groaned. By the end of the third task, everyone in the whole school would know that he had a huge crush on Scarlett Loughson. 

But Scott tried to stay calm. Johnny and Maddie were right near him. 

Maddie said, "Interesting." 

Johnny nodded in agreement. 

Scott said, "Yeah. Let's go to the party." 

They just walked to the party. 

When they arrived at the party, Scott set out to look for Scarlett, hoping she haven't left. But she had. There was no sign of her. Everyone said that she left. Almost out of hope, Scott tried to enjoy the party. 



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