Scott Riddle's Secret

I am assuming that you have all read about Harry Potter. He was the famous wizard who defeated Voldemort. The Harry Potter series were written to explain about Harry, and they were almost perfect. J.K. Rowling wrote that Voldemort never loved. But maybe he did. Read about Scott Riddle, a.k.a. Voldemort's son.


15. (Part 3) Green Land

"Welcome to Green Land." 

One of the girls said. 

Scott, Maddie, and Johnny just stared at them. The two girls looked weirder than Locksarians. The girls came closer to them. 

When they were very close to them, they started laughing. 

They said to Maddie, "What kind of creature are you traveling with?" 

Maddie glanced at Johnny and Scott. 

"They're not creatures. They're just... boys." 

But the girls looked disapprovingly at the boys. Then they laughed. 

One of them said, "I never saw anything like it!" 

Maddie said, sounding impatient, "We're from another world. That's why. Anyway, they're the same species as we are. The only thing we came here is because I need your help." 

One of the girls said, "Ooh! We'll be glad to help! What do you need help with?" 

Maddie said, "Do you have any magical plants? Interesting, beautiful, and magical ones." 

The girls giggled. 

"Of course there are. Everything in this world is full of magic. Even the grass is! You can just use a separating spell to get the plant out of the ground."

Maddie said, "Thanks! What's your favorite ones?" 

One of the girls said, "Tulip's favorite kind are the swapwigglies. My favorite kind are the wasatchlooks." 

Maddie asked, "What are they?" 

The other girl named Tulip went to a small pond and picked up a small plant. 

She said, "This is a swapwiggly. Aren't they pretty?" 

Scott and Johnny looked at the beautiful plant. It had many leaves and flowers. But the one weird thing about the plant was its jar-like pitcher attached to the plant.

Tulip seemed to know what they were thinking. She smiled. 

"Any liquid that goes inside that pitcher turns golden and hardens into a cube. That's one of the magical things about this plant." 

The other girl said, "That plant can also produce light. It's so great. But I like the wasatchlooks better. They're more of my style." 

Maddie glanced at Scott. Scott nodded at the swapwiggly. Maddie knew what that meant. Scott wanted to swapwiggly. 

She said, "The wasatchlooks are very nice, but the swapwiggly is more of what I was looking for." 

Tulip smiled. 

"I'll get a fresh one for you and put it in a flowering tube. That way, it would stay fresh." 

Maddie, Scott, nor Johnny had ever heard of a thing called the flowering tube, but they didn't say anything. 

Tulip ran into the thick forests and came back ten minutes later. She was holding a plastic tube, but it looked greener than plastic. 

She went near the pond and pulled out a swapwiggly. She opened the tube and put the plant in. The plant magically stayed still. She closed the lid. 

Tulip said, "Here! You can take this now." 

Maddie took the tube from Tulip and smiled. 

"What is this tube made out of?" 

Tulip said, "It's made out of leaves, soil, water, and magical liquid from the jellywards." 

She pointed at a small plant growing in the mossy land. Scott and Johnny stared at it. The more and more they got to know about Green Land, the more they became to like it. 

They promised that they would return to visit. Scott figured out the number of the door. 89. Then, finally, they opened the door to the vortex. 

Scott, Johnny, and Maddie said bye to Tulip and the other girl. 

Then, once more, they jumped into the vortex. 

Johnny said, "I liked Green Land. It was just for me... The plants there... It was just amazing." 

Maddie said, "It would be nice if they spoke to you guys. You don't know how frustrating it was for me to talk for you guys." 

Scott said, "They never saw boys. That's obviously why. Oh well, they'll get used to it if we come to Green Land more times." 

Maddie asked, surprised, "Are you seriously going to visit Green Land once more?" 

Scott and Johnny nodded at the same time. 

Scott said, "I liked it there... And it looked like they never had that much company." 

They were quiet for a while. Then Johnny spoke up. 

"Let's find the door back to Hogwarts." 

They all nodded dully.After a while, Scott find the right door to Hogwarts. 

He pushed it open, and the fell back into Hogwarts. 

Maddie smiled, staring at the hall. 

Johnny stood up. He said, 

"Let's find that book now. I heard that the second task is the day after tomorrow or something." 

They laughed and ran to the library. Maddie found the book that Scott wanted: Plants that Grow on Animals by Sharon Lara. They went back to Gryffindor Tower. It was dark now. Maddie had gone to bed because she was tired and Johnny had went to the library to help his sister with her homework. 

Scott sat at the Common Room. The fire light dimly. He stared at the swapwiggly. It just made him miss Green Land. Green Land... He never thought he'll like it. But the warm and moist air there, the bright sunshine, the thick rain forests, and the ponds had made him think that he was in paradise. 

Scott thought of the times when he and his mother had went on vacation to Brazil. That was when he was five. Even though he was very young at that age, he still remembered everything about it. He remembered the thick rain forests near the Amazon River. He remembered the small cottage that they stayed in. He even remembered the flavor of ice cream he ate on their fifth day. 

He missed his mother. He missed those days when he read stories with her. He felt alone. Even though James was his guardian, he just wasn't the same as a parent. He wasn't the same as his mother. His mother wouldn't be replaced easily. 

It just wouldn't be. 

He felt alone thinking that he didn't really have anyone to comfort him when he was miserable. He felt alone thinking that no one would give him the perfect advice that he needed. He felt alone. 

He grabbed a random book that a person had left on a table. 

There wasn't really a title. But Scott opened it. He read through the pages. It turned out that the title of the book was "Hero = Him". It didn't really tell who the hero was. It was about a girl who loved a boy. But she never had the courage to tell him that. It was clear that it was a book that one of the students had written. Scott read the book for hours. 

Finally, he was finished with Chapter 21. But the book was unfinished, he could tell. He left the book back on the table and went to bed, wondering who had written the book. 


The next day, he woke up as the sunshine came through the window. He smiled. Another day. 

He woke Johnny up and quickly got dressed. He and Johnny ran to the Great Hall for breakfast. There, as usual, they found Maddie. 

They talked about their schedule and complained about their homework. After they were done with breakfast, they got prepared for their classes and went to their first one. Their first class was Herbology. Maddie and Scott groaned, but Johnny smiled brightly. 


They were learning about Glowing Mandrakes. Professor Sprout was explaining that the Glowing Mandrakes can be turned into a magical creature called Granite Ogres. Scott was about to fall asleep. It was boring. B-O-R-I-N-G. 

Maddie whispered to him, "I can't stand this. It's just too boring for me!"

Scott whispered back, "I think so, too! I'm about to fall asleep!" 

But some people were different. Make that one person. Johnny was the only person interested in what Professor Sprout was explaining about. When class was finally over, Professor Sprout said, 

"The second task would be held today at 3 O'Clock. Please come to the Forbidden Forest at that time." 

Scott gulped. It was today. It was his second big day. 

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