Scott Riddle's Secret

I am assuming that you have all read about Harry Potter. He was the famous wizard who defeated Voldemort. The Harry Potter series were written to explain about Harry, and they were almost perfect. J.K. Rowling wrote that Voldemort never loved. But maybe he did. Read about Scott Riddle, a.k.a. Voldemort's son.


10. (Part 2) The Mysterious Tree

Scott, Johnny, and Maddie had went to three other worlds: Picoriy, Gigigia, and Krick's Isla. But the crown was still out of sight. 

Scott grabbed a door for the fourth time. 

This time, they actually walked out of the door. 

Every time they opened the door, they had landed in some kind of body of water. 

Scott felt the grassy ground touch his feet. 

He turned around. He saw the door. 

'That's weird.' He thought. That was very abnormal. 

Johnny said, "This is weird... Maddie, what do you-? Maddie! Where are you Maddie?" 

Scott turned around. He didn't find Maddie. Where was Maddie? 

Johnny said, "I think she landed in a different place, our shackles broke, or she wondered off."

Scott hoped that it was that Maddie had wondered off. His worst fear was that Maddie was still in the vortex, lost. 

Then they saw Maddie, running to them. 

She was nearly in tears. 

"Where were you guys?! I landed in a very weird place. I couldn't see you guys, so, I ran in all directions, shouting. Then I heard Johnny's voice, so, I ran to the direction. Thank God I found you now." 

Scott said, "Where are we?" 

Johnny said, "Who knows? Let's find some people."

They walked through a forest. Tall trees surrounded them. 

Then, Scott saw a weird-looking tree. It was a big redwood tree. But there was a big hole. 

Scott said, "Guys, that tree looks weird." 

Johnny and Maddie stared at the tree, too. 

Scott walked towards the tree and went inside the hole. 

There, he found the crown. It looked rusty, but, it was King Isac's crown. 

In big fancy letters, it said: King Isac. 

Scott grabbed the crown and went out of the tree. 

Johnny said, "That's the-" 

Scott nodded. 

Maddie said, "But that crown's supposed to explode when someone touches it... Why isn't it happening?" 

Scott shrugged. 

"Let's check. Hand me that stick, Johnny." 

Johnny picked up a stick and gave it to him. Scott touched the crown with the stick. Nothing happened. 

Scott said, "I think it's only a legend. It's just a rusty old crown." 

Grabbing the crown,  they walked back to the door. They made another shackle and attached it to their arms. 

Scott opened the door again. 

When they were back in the vortex again, Maddie asked, 

"How are we going to get back to Hogwarts?" 

Johnny mumbled, "I never thought about that part." 

But Scott just smiled. 

"If you look closely, there are little numbers under the doorknob for each door. Look for a door with the number 37. That's the one to Hogwarts. No questions for now." 

Johnny and Maddie listened to Scott. They kept looking for that door. 

Then Johnny shouted, "Stop Scott! I found it!" 

Scott stopped. He saw the door. 

He reached and yanked it open. 

They fell into the hall with the crown. 

Johnny whispered, "We made it."

Maddie said, "And it only took us a day... And it's all thanks to you, Scott." 

Maddie hugged Scott. 

Scott ran to Dumbledore's office as fast as possible. But during his way, he met Voldemort, again. 

Voldemort saw the crown. 

He made a sly smile. 

"I knew that you'll try to get that crown... I know what kind of person you are... Just like your mother..." 

Scott said, "I can't give this crown to you. I hate you." 

Voldemort laughed. 

"Such childish things... It won't work, Scott... Trust me... And I don't care if you love me or you hate me... You are too much like your dumb mother." 

Scott was glad that Maddie nor Johnny was around. He didn't want to tell them his big secret until they were older. 

Voldemort pulled out his wand from his pocket. 

He said, "You'll be with your dumb Mum in no time... Don't worry... Be happy.." 

Scott shivered with anger. He hated his father so much. 

A curse flew towards him. He dodged. 

It missed. 

Voldemort grunted. 

He sent another spell at Scott. 

It hit Scott in one of his finger tips. 

But Scott stood there, like it didn't hit him. 

Scott sent a leg-locking curse to Voldemort. 

It missed. 

Voldemort said, "Son, stop wasting your time. I will win and you know that." 

Scott said, 

"You know what, Dad? I have a wish. I wish that you  would stop bothering me. Why can't you just leave this world? Go to another world! I don't want you in my life. Do you know how many lives you are ruining? Do you care about other people, or are you just the most selfish person in the whole world? I hate you! I hate you so much that I want to kill you! I want to see your blood and your dead body. It's my biggest wish."

Voldemort laughed. 

"Stop with the entertainment. You are making this look not serious." 

Scott got angrier. 

He took his wand and the crown. 

Then, Scott smashed the crown with his wand. 

Dark energy came out. 

The next thing he knew was that he was in the Hospital Wing. 

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