Scott Riddle's Secret

I am assuming that you have all read about Harry Potter. He was the famous wizard who defeated Voldemort. The Harry Potter series were written to explain about Harry, and they were almost perfect. J.K. Rowling wrote that Voldemort never loved. But maybe he did. Read about Scott Riddle, a.k.a. Voldemort's son.


27. Author's Note

Thank you all for reading "Scott Riddle's Secret."  

As you all figured out, I suppose, Scott's secret was that Voldemort was his father. Nobody but Scott knows that he is Voldemort's son. (Since Dumbledore, Voldemort, and his mother died. ) He decided it would be better to keep that as a secret. 

It took me about a month or so to write this story, and it was for the Battle of the Fandoms Contest. This one was my Harry Potter one. 

I thought about many people as I was writing this book. 

I thought that I, myself, was like Maddie. A little bossy, smart, and interested in boys. (But I absolutely HATE nonfiction books! I'm a big fan of fiction.) 

I thought of Johnny as my secret crush. (I won't say the name. But I know that you know who you are!)

Natalie was a mixture of many people. Me, my BFF Martina, my second best friend Julia, and Rachel Christensen (Another good friend of mine!). 

Scott was well, a little bit like my secret crush (the handsome part), Harry Potter, Voldemort (magical skills), and Trey. 

For Rachel, Scott's mother, I thought of Rachel. That's why they have the same name. Rachel Wilson reminded me a lot of Rachel Christensen somehow. That's how I had planned the character to be. 

But if I have a dedication  page, it would look something like: 

Those are the people that gave me most of my ideas for the story. I thought of them while I wrote it. They mean a lot to me. 

Anyway, thank you all for reading this story! I hope you liked it! 


                                                                                        Ho Young Jin


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