Scott Riddle's Secret

I am assuming that you have all read about Harry Potter. He was the famous wizard who defeated Voldemort. The Harry Potter series were written to explain about Harry, and they were almost perfect. J.K. Rowling wrote that Voldemort never loved. But maybe he did. Read about Scott Riddle, a.k.a. Voldemort's son.


1. (PART 1) What Happened Before

Part 1: What happened To the Young Scott

Rachel Wilson was a beautiful girl. She had bright blonde hair, bright blue eyes, fair skin, and she was slim and normal height.

She was  a Gryffindor.

She was very smart, nice, and popular.

But the only boy that Rachel liked was a boy named Tom Riddle.

Rachel talked to Tom all the time and she and Tom went on dates.

Tom Riddle loved her.

At least, that's what she thought...

Rachel was in her seventh year, and she had a great career in front of her, everyone said.

One day, Rachel and Tom went to Albania together.

It was the Easter Holidays.

They spent three days together. They had fun, and they slept together.

When the Easter Holidays were over, they went back to their normal lives.

But after a few weeks, Rachel started feeling dizzy a lot of times, and she became tired easily. After a few months, she began to see her stomach grow.

Then she realized that she was pregnant.

She was pregnant with Tom Riddle's child.

Rachel dropped out of school. She had to, so that she didn't make a worse image than giving birth at Hogwarts.

She stayed hidden. 

She hid in Albania, in a small hut that she had built.

But after nine months past, she stayed in an orphanage in case the baby gets born. 

Rachel gave birth at an orphanage. It was a son, and he looked exactly like Tom.

Rachel stayed at the orphanage for an year or so. Then she left.

She found a job at Madam Malkin's Robes Shop. After a while, she had a house.

She had named the boy Scott Kyle Riddle.

She and Scott lived at a small home, still hidden.

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