No Escape from your love! <3

I really dont have much to say... hope you enjoy!!!


24. upstairs.

so when we got there he shut the door and ran to me smashing his lips onto mine but i pulled away."Zayn i don't-""please Julia can we try this once. please." i sighed and nodded so he crashed his lips onto mine again and tightly wrapped his arms around my waist and my arms around his neck. our lips moved together like they were fit for each other. he ran his hand down my back and when they hit my ass he tightly grabbed it making me slightly moan in the kiss i could feel he was smirking. so he picked me up not breaking the kiss. now my legs were wrapped around his waist and his hands on my bum so i could get support. he walked over to the bed and laid us on the bed still my legs wrapped around his waist but he was laying between my legs. he pulled off my shirt  and i did so to his. he slowly kissed down my body unhooking my bra and i saw his eyes widened. i just giggled and he kissed both of them and continued to move down when he reached my sweat pants he quickly yanked them off. he kissed my stomach moving up back to my lips and kissed my lips again. he ran his hand up and down my body. i teased him by rubbing his member (i didn't want to say cock because member sounds nicer i guess lol) he moaned and i smirked in the kiss so i unbuttoned his pants and slid them off his fit body. i looked down and my eyes widened because that was a BIG member of his. so this time he just laughed."i know... i can only have sex with certain people because for some girls it hurts to much." i started to laugh."well i guess we'll find out." he smiled and we kissed again and he took off my underwear and slid his member into me at first it hurt but i also felt so gooooood! so i moaned and he smirked."can you handle it?" i nodded to answer his question. so he started to thrust slowly and a little faster and faster and faster! he went as fast as he could and i moaned loudly every time and so did he felt that my body was shaking and he smiled and began to go really fast and i moaned the loudest that i ever heard and i already hit my climax point and he finally hit his and he did one last push and he came i felt it as he filled me with his liquid and his body was shaking. i didn't mine that he didn't wear a condom i felt good as he filled me and he clasped next to me so i laid on top of him. we were both hot and sweaty but i liked it when our hot sweaty bodies were pressed together. i whispered to him "i love you Zayn.""i love you too Julia." shortly after we both drifted to sleep and i fell asleep in his arms smiling thinking that he was the one i wanted.

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