No Escape from your love! <3

I really dont have much to say... hope you enjoy!!!


15. Today...

as i slowly woke up i heard a thick British accent at the door and when i looked i saw Zayn with a smirk on his face."what?"i said stretching my arms."nothing you just look beautiful when you wake up." he said closing the door and walking over to me."um thanks..." i said. he came close to me leaning in for a kiss i followed then my phone rang THANK GOD !"sorry Zayn i got to get it...""NIALL!" i screamed really happy."i miss you Julia...""i miss you too Niall""well Julia i got to go i love you.""love you too Niall." i said looking at Zayn who was looking  at the  ground."bye Niall." i hung up then Zayn looked up again. we made eye contact and i flashed him a weak smile and i hopped into the shower. this is my outfit...

i let my hair loose i slightly curled the ends even though they are already curled. while i was putting on make up Zayn sat on the sink next to me and i saw he was biting his bottom lip. i rolled my eyes when i was done."yes Zayn? what do you want?" i asked kinda annoyed as i went into the closet and putmy shoes on."i want you... but apparently i cant have you even though your bf i 500,000 million miles away." he said sitting on the floor in front of me looking into my eyes deeply."Zayn i understand hes far away but we are still dating..." i said as a tear filled my eye."are you sure?"as he said  showing me his phone. it said from Niall: hey Zayn can you tell Julia while im here she can date other people. i don't want her to fell trapped."see he wants you to be happy but he also said when he comes back he wants you guys to get back together.." he said holding my hand."ok Zayn..."  i said with a weak smile. he smiled big and leaned in for a kiss and i followed and our lips touched it felt weird but i liked it... i pulled away and smiled and got up."im going down stairs for breakfast. you coming?" i asked he nodded and got up still holding my hand. we went to the spare bedroom were ZZayn slept and same with Harry."Harry get UP!!!" i screamed at him.he quicklyjumped up out of bed."good morning." i said in an inecent voice. he rolled his eyes playfuly. so he jumped into the shower. Liam and Louis slept on the couches." bestie get up!" i screamed from the stairs so hesat up. Liam was the hardest to get up. i jumped on top of him started to tickle  him. he laghed but fell asleep so we all pulled him off the couch and threw im into the pool we just got in stalled. so he jumped up out thepool and i took off my outfit i didnt want it to get wet so i was in my bra and underware the boys were in there boxers! they all teamed  up on me and picked me up and threw me in off the diving board. the pool is 12ft deep. Zayn jumped in and grabbed me frombehind and dragged me under!"ZAYN!'' i sreamed when we came up. the boys blew up the GIANT ball that people can climb into so Zayn and i cralwed in and the boys were moving the pool and i fell on top of Zayn and our eyes met and i pecked his cheek before getting back up. he blushed before getting out the ball real quick i sat there until Liam dolph dived into the ball he ended up in my lap. we all laughed. next thing i know was Louis crawled in the balland so did Zayn and Harry. we were all sitting in the ball and just drifted around talking."weshould play a game." i said breaking the silence."ok truth or dare!" Louis said real quick."ok." we all said in unison."ok Zayn truth or dare?!?!" Liam said to Zayn."Dare duh.""ok i dare you to make out with Julia!" we both blushed and he leaned in and i followed and our lips touched i got that feeling again."ok Julia truth or dare?!?!"Harry quickly asked me."um dare!" i said." ok i dare you to flash us." my stomach dropped. he boys gave him a questioned look. then they said inunison "do it, do it, do it!" but Zayn and Louis didn't say anything and Liam stopped so did Harry. Zayn whispered to me "come on its just a dare... its fine." so i did and there jaws dropped and a quickly hooked my bra back up." damn you got a nice rack!" harry said and the boys nodded. i giggled and hid my face in Louis arm. my face was beating red. we finally finished the game and we all had fun then suddenly it started to thunder storm i panicked when i heard the thunder... i have a big fear of thunder storms ever scene my uncle got killed by lighting. a tear rolled down my face so we all went inside." ill make breakfast... i said trying not to pay attention to the storm. so i made scrapple, pancakes, bacon, and toast."yummm!" the boys said together. i just chuckled "thanks!" i said pecking there cheeks bringing more pancakes out. all of a sudden the power went out and then a really loud thunder went off i screamed and jumped into Zayn's lap and Louis rubbed my back.Liam said"its ok we wont let you get hurt..." i was still really scared. Zayn felt my pulse and it was going really really fast."calm down your gonna hurt yourself your pulse is going to fast." he said kissing my forehead. so got back up but when a louder thunder went off and i jumped back into Zayn's lap squeezing his stomach he boys just laughed."  shut up guys its not funny!" Zayn said rubbing my back and Louis agreed. i gave them both a big smile. and Harry and Liam apologized. i gave them a big smile and said it was ok."i really miss Niall..." i said frowning i said that because i was looking at photos of us on my phone. a tear rolled down my cheek when i saw this photo of us smiling and holding hands. i smiled though too. Zayn jumped over the couch and landed next to me and hugged me pulling me in his chest."i know you do... i know..." he whispered into my ear and i looked into is dark brown eyes and pecked his lips and got up. Liam threw me over his shoulder and ran to the car placing me in the back the boys ran/followed."were are we going sitting in the middle of Liam and Harry and Louis dolph dived onto all of us scooting his was up front i just chuckled." we are going to the studio!" Harry said taking my beanie!" hey give that back! and why are we going there?" i asked."because your gonna sing for us scene you told Harry that you can sing and rap better than him!" Liam said giving me a smile while he had his arm around my neck. we all laughed." hey i said i can rap better but not sing better!" i said right back but not snapping at him." ha see i can sing better than you!""i didn't say that Harry!" i said messing up his hair."hey my hair!!!" he screamed."Harry don't scream!" Zayn said loudly but not screaming. i smiled evily at Harry and he got scared for a second. i laughed and so did he."why did you look at me like that you scared me." he said still laughing."i dont know..." i said pecking his cheek.

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