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32. The Storm

a couple of hours later we heard bangingon the door."JULIA, LIAM GET UP! WE ARE IN A TORNADO WARNING!ITS RIGHT DOWN THE STREET!" Zayn screamed and i jumped right up and my phone was going off with a warning sign and it was really badlike really!"Liam im scared!" i said running into his arms." we will be fine." i gave him a consernded look but he gave me a caring smile. i ran to my room and Liam followed. i grabbed the necklace my mom gave me before she died. i had my phone and still had my clothes from yestuday on. i grabbed Liams hoodie and we ran as fast as we could down stairs i grabbed Ashton and Neko and Niall was packing food really quick. of coarse leave Niall to the food. they had a nice little compy spot set up with candles and a cordless radio with lots and lots of blanketsand pellows. so we all got down there and we were all sitting on the pellows and wrapped in blankets. i sat right next to Liam and i was sitting with my knees covering my face. i lightly rocked back and forth. Liam hand is arma around me trying to keep me calm. there were very loud thunders and bright lighting! i got so scared that i left my passion and laid my head in Liams shoulder. everytime a loud thunder goes off i tense up andLiamjust calms m down. my therpist tought me a new methiod to count back wards from 10 and if i get scared have someone that i trust and feel safe with cuddle with me and hide my face."10...9...8....7....6......5..........4.....3........2...1" i whispered to myself under my breathe. Liam heard but didnt mind. he knew about what my theripist said and he did so. i sat in his lap and i hid my face in his stomach. he didn't have a shirt on. he qently rubbed my back slowly in circles."Julia you thirsty or hungery?" Niall came up to me and asked. i pulledmy face out of Liams stomach and sat up."" he nodded i kinda studderd scene i was cold and scared."you ok babe?" Liam still called me babe. why?"Liam you called me babe.""oh sorry... but are you ok?" i nodded and cuddled back up with him because i wasstill freezing. i had a belly shirt on!"here you go Julz." Niall said handing me water and i thanked him and he walked back to his spot. i could tell he was hurt."Li-li kins I'm gonna check on Niall... he seemsdown." Liam nodded and i threwon his light hoodie and walked over to Niall."whats wrong Niall?""nothing.... i guess today got cancelled on us..." he was really hurt by the fact that today was his day too. i got a cold breeze so i sat down next to him."Niall you still like me... don't you?""yes Julia. i loved and still do love you. and i thought you were gonna stay with me... you know i wouldn't let this happen... you know the 'sharing'. its obvious that you don't like it." i looked down then back up when our eyes connected and all the memories of us smiling,kissing, hugging, cuddling, we were in love."you just got it?""get what Ni?""the memories." i nodded."well i get them all the time. i try my hardest to accept that you were taken by someone else but i just cant. i know Zayn means something to you but did he even ask you about being you know... if you were still with me i would never do this." i looked down and started to tear up."Niall i don't think i like Zayn anymore... not after this and i cant like you i try but i count you as a great friend not a boyfriend.""Julia what do you mean not a boyfriend we dated almost a year and i know that you were the happiest you've ever been." i shook my head no. he had a confused look."im the happiest with... Liam. he cares of me, he gives me space, i can feel like he would always be there for me, protect me.""but im none of those thing?!?!" Niall was getting annoyed."you are but like i said i do love you but not the same way as you do to me.""so that year that we dated meant nothing?""i meant something and i admit i was happy. i was happy i had you, i had a house, i had a dream, and i had a perfect boyfriend. but when you left... me and Zayn kissed and i felt feeling for him and remember you tried to go out with him!" the last part i snapped. we were whispering so the boys couldn't here. that emotion i couldn't read well i can now. it was anger, jealousy, scared, and hateful."im leaving Niall." so i stood up and he grabbed my wrist tightly like that night."ha now i can read your emotion... your scared just the way i like them!" the boys saw and heard. a tear rolled down my cheek because of the pain."Niall get off of her Now!" Liam said strictly to him. but he smirked and looked back at me and his smirk faded. he stood up and he over towered me because i took off my high heels. he pressed our heads together and loosed the grip on my wrist and slip his hands down to my hand and locked them together. i knew i the rules i had to. Liam saw i was helpless and he didn't like it."Niall stop... please." i whispered."the Niall you know is no longer here... im the new and improved Niall Horan." he whispered back. more tears fell and he whipped them away."no need to cry... just listen to me." i gave him a hateful glare and kicked him in his lower stomach and ran! i ran upstairs and the storm died down so i flew to my room and quickly locked it with the 5 locks that are on it i also pushed my desk in front of it and sat on it. i pulled out my phone and i had 12 messages from Niall: (i changed his contact name.)

From:Nialler-  c'mon Julia don't be like that!

From:Nialler- you like bad boys but not me!

From:Nialler- your dead Julia Lorelle Scott!

.... and so on i ignored all of them until Liam texted me. (changed his name too.)

From:Li-Li kins- pack everything and i mean everything of yours. i grabbed your shoes from down stairs... we are leaving! Lou was gonna come but he will later... but throw it out the window and ill get it.

i replied with ok and started right away! i had more clothes than last time so i quickly packed everything i had 10 bags full of stuff and everything i own. i threw my stuff down and he out it in the car.

To:Li-Li kins- now how the fuck do i get down?

 From:Li-Li kins- i got that covered.... go to your window and climb down the rope.

To:Li-Li kins- ok and thank you.

so i did so and i fell like 5 feet up from the ground and Liam caught me."hey you!" i pecked his cheek and we ran to the car."were are we going?""to a small house on a beautiful mountain... im Spain!" i thought my heart popped out my chest."Spain?!?!"he laughed and nodded."Louis is going to meet us there he said he sees us... he behind us never mind." i laughed."FUCK! i forgot Ashton and Neko!""no you didn't i grabbed them they are in the back in carrying cases.""why in a cage?""i just got this car and they are not tearing up my new fucking seats!" i laughed and kissed his lips quickly as Lou honked and i laughed and Liam flicked him off."Fuck you too Liam!" Lou screamed from the car window and i couldn't stop laughing. although 30 minutes later i fell asleep for the rest of the was which was about hour and a half away.

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