No Escape from your love! <3

I really dont have much to say... hope you enjoy!!!


9. That night

later everyone left to go to sleep... except Niall..."Julia were you gonna kill your self if we didn't help you?""Niall i don't even know what i was going to do.'' i said trying not to cry."Well you know i would miss you... right?" he said slowly picking up my chin. as our eyes connected i felt a feeling in my chest that i haven't felt in a while... i felt like i was in love!!! Niall slowly pulled me in for a kiss. when our lips touched i felt a spark between us a true feeling. his lips were so soft.. we kissed harder and harder. so he laid down swinging me over top of him so i was straddling his waist. i started to thrust slowly and he let me... he put his hands on my back slowly sliding them down until they hit my ass. he tightly grabbed my ass making me moan a little. he quickly pulled off my shirt. so i did  so to him too. Niall unbuttoned my pants and slowly pulling them off. still making out. so Niall flipped me over so now my legs were rapped around his waist. i rested my legs down still my knees pressed onto his sides... he slowly glided his hand farther and farther down until i felt his ice cold hand grab onto my thongs and yanked them off. the started to kiss my neck then moved to my bra unhooking it. he kissed each boob making my smile, then he kissed my stomick, then he finally kissed my pussy. slipping his tongue into it. i moaned loudly. as he sat there eating me out i tilted my head back and closed my eyes... i was really wet and Niall liked that. then he slipped two of his fingers into my pussy and started to thrust in and out, in and out. i felt like i was in paradise... i moaned louder whenever he would go fast... so he took out his fingers and sucked on them. he smiled at me and i smiled back... as he quickly pulled off his pants and boxers... he went into his pocket and pulled out a condom. so he put it on and smacked his cock against my vagina and i couldn't help but to moan! so he slipped his dick into my pussy thrusted in and out in and out i moaned... he slashed his lips into mine making us make out. between kisses he said "w-w-whats m-m-my n-name?""N-N-Niall." i said softly."lo-lo-louder!""N-N-Ni-Niall!!!" i screamed/ moaned."N-Niall im gonna c-cum!!!" i said. so i arched my back a cumed all over his dick. we both moaned... he cummed to right when i did. so he pulled out a took off the condom and threw it away. So we kissed a couple of times. then fell asleep wrapped in his arms smiling to myself.

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