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23. Reality

Julia's P.O.V

as i woke up i noticed that everyone else were still sleeping so i got up and went to my bathroom and  looked at myself. i sighed."why does Niall like me? just look at me im just me..." i muttered to myself."hey your beautiful... don't say that about yourself." i heard a male Canadian accent voice come from the bathroom door."Justin?!?! i didn't see you there.""i know...""sorry if i sound like a bitch but get out im redoing my hair.""fine princess what ever you want." i smiled that he called me princess but it also reminded me of Niall. so a hour later i dyed my hair and this is the pic that i put on twitter of my new hair...

i wanted to have a.... fresh start. so i labeled the photo... Fresh Start! over 1,000 people liked it and commented it like

@Harry'sAngeal:@Julia Malioran- i luv it its more u and im sorry about u and the boys...

some were from the boys.

@zaynmalik:@Julia Malioran- ur prettyno matter what and this fits u so well. luv u

@NiallOffical:@Julia Malioran- i like it... plz come back... i miss/love you.

i rolled my eyes at the comment.

@Julia Malioran :@NiallOfficial- well if u loved me so much than why are u trying to make me and Zayn go out??? hu answer that why dont you!!!

about a minute later they both replied and i turned off my phone."i read on twitter... are you ok?" i heard a voice at my door i knew who it was because it was a male and he had a Canadian accent."yeah just frustrated... its so annoying that the boy that you love and apparently loves me back is trying to make me go out with someone else." i sighed and Justin walked over to my bed and laid down next to me staring at the ceiling."yeah i know how you feel..." i turned me head to look at him and he did the same. i gave him a confused look."well about a year ago i went out with a girl named Silva Christiano."(srry if her last name doesn't match but just go with this one.) of coarse Sketchy... i cant believe her!"can i tell you something Justin?" he nodded so i told him that Sketchy was my best friend that she made my ex cheat on me."oh... well i thought that i loved her and she said that she loved me to and i believed her." i saw he was getting emotional over the story."she told me that she thought that i should leave and go out with others...she said that i was useless and that she only used me for fame...""Justin im so sorry..." i pulled him in for a hug and he quietly sobbed in my chest. Jeniffer left to go to work at the hospital so i was just me and Justin."Justin? do you think that i should go out with Zayn Malik?" he sighed before he answered."Julia i think you should go out with who ever your heart desires more." i looked into his eyes and so did he."but my heart is so confused and doesn't know who to go-" i was cut off by the touch of Justin's lips on mine they moved in harmony he put his hands on my waist but sit laying down and i wrapped my arms around his neck. we scooted closer together and our kiss became more passionate. his hands traveled down my body until they hit my bum and he wrapped his arms around my bum making me get closer to him. he smelt so good like a bond fire/ ocean breeze. its smelt delightful. i smirked a little during the kiss then we pulled away with our heads pressed against each other. he smiled at me and leaned in again and our lips touched again. but this time Niall and Zayn popped in my head. i pulled away and sat up."you ok?" Justin asked wiping away my lip gloss from the corner of his lips."yeah. i think im gonna stop at the house you know my old one.""oh ok... did i do something? was it because i kissed you?" he was looking down as he said that."no Justin its that i told Harry i would come over today ." it felt bad lying to him but i didn't want to say anything. so i left and drove to the house thinking about what just when i got to the house i let out a big sigh and walked over to the door and knocked it took a while then Zayn answered the door."Julia?""hey Zayn. may i come in?""of coarse." he opened the door a bit wider so i could come in. all the boys were in the living room watching a scary movie i believe it was mama. so i waited until a scary part and saw there was a space between Niall and Louis and i smirked at Zayn and he knew exactly what i was going to do. so right when she popped out i ran and jumped between them and they all screamed. i landed right between them too."got you guys!" said laughing my ass off and so was Zayn."Julia!!!!" they all screamed in unison."you fucking gave me a heart attack!" Lou screamed at me and i started to laugh again they all hugged me and finished the movie. when it was over we all talked."so what you been up to?" Niall asked trying to hold my hand but i wouldn't let him."nothing trying to get my mind straight and you know of what." when i said the last part i practically snapped at him and he looked down."oh." he said picking his head up. i felt kinda bad because i snapped so when he tried to grab my hand i let him. then he pulled me closer wrapping one arm around my waist and the other intertwined with my hand. he whispered into my ear saying "i love you and i always will." i rolled my eyes slightly so no one would notice. i looked up and saw Zayn didn't really notice until he really studied us and he gave me a hurt look and i mouthed i'm sorry and he nodded with a forgiving look on his face. Niall still had his arm wrapped around my waist and our hands still intertwined with each other but he lifted me up and put me on his lap. scene we were on the end of the couch and so he leaned against the arm and that's how we sat. Lou looked over and saw that i was kinda uncomfortable so he made up an excuse to let me move."um Julia can you help me with dinner?""yea Lou-bear." when we got to the kitchen we started to talk/whisper so the boys couldn't hear us."your welcome.""thanks Lou Lou." i hugged him."your still trying to figure things out aren't you?""yeah... but i felt bad for snapping but i didn't want him to do that i was fine with our hands but not on his lap... it was fine when we were dating but-""yeah i know scene he told you to go out with someone else that's kinda awkward when he does that.""exactly Louis." he gave me a caring Lou smile. we decided to make Shepherds pie."dinner's ready!" i yelled from the dinning room setting up the table. a couple seconds later they all ran to the table and Lou and i just started to laugh. Lou looked at me and i knew what he was hinting at. there was a seat in between Zayn and Niall so i quietly sighed to myself and Lou quickly rubbed my back so i put on a fake but realistic smile. so i sat in the seat and greeted them and they greeted back. Zayn had a big smirk on his face."what?" i whispered to him as they all ate."you just look so pretty in your glasses and your new hair color and style... in fact your whole body looks sexy." he whispered back and then he slightly kissed my neck."Zayn not at the table." Lou whispered to him and he smiled at me. Zayn sighed and sat up straight and started to rub my knee and slowly worked his way up to my thigh and he smirked again. he tried to run his hand into my sweatpants.(sorry guys i didn't mention her outfit but shes wearing her old high school sweat pants that are black and blue and a black tank top with my black and blue N.Y hoodie.) i tensed up for a moment and  i squealed when his warm hand slipped all the way to the inside of my underwear. i mouthed Liam that i have to talk to him just for an excuse and he knows and has an idea of hoe those two would act."Julia i have to ask you something please.""ok Liam.""we will be back lads." so Zayn pulled out his hand and winked at me and i put back on my fake smile and Liam and I walked to the other room."whats wrong Julia?" i threw myself into his arms and he rubbed my back and i broke down and quietly sobbed in his chest."hey calm down Julz... its ok..." i nodded and pulled myself back together and fixed up my make up. he planted a soft kiss on my forehead and i smiled weakly at his. so we walked back into the dinning room and they all looked up for a second then went back to there conversation.'hey sweet cheeks." Zayn said leaning in for a kiss but i turned my head so instead he moved me hair and kissed my neck passionately but quickly.  he intertwined our hands and Niall grabbed my other one. i sighed lightly and got up cleaning up the table and Liam and Lou-bear helped."thanks for the help Li-Li kins and Lou-bear!" i pecked both of there cheeks and they smiled."no problem Julia Gulia!" they said in unison we all laughed and walked out to the living room and Zayn whispered in my ear "Julia can we talk in my room?""sure Zayn."i whispered back and we walked up stairs making sure the boys knew.

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