No Escape from your love! <3

I really dont have much to say... hope you enjoy!!!


28. Niall Stop

i must have fallen asleep during the movie everyone was asleep except for Niall he wasen't in bed... im confused mostly after Niall eats he goes to sleep. i shrugged it off and scooted my way out of Zayns arms with out waking him up. i had to pee! so i walked to the bathroom and Ashton woke up... such a cute puppy. so i went to the bathroom and then took the pups out side so they can use the bathroom. i sat in one of the chairs Liam had outside.i heard the glass door slide open and shut. i could already tell who it was."what do you want Niall?" i snapped and he sat next to me."just want to admire this beautiful girl that im sitting across from.""liar..." i said under my breathe. Niall shot up and gave me a weird look it wasn't hateful, it wasn't sad, and it wasn't desperate. it looked like a mix of many emotions."i can tell what your doing.""what am i doing Niall?" i asked raising my eyebrow."your trying to read my soul, my emotions, my thought." i knew he was right...i have this thing that i can do i can read people there thought, there emotions, there soul.."you know it bugs me when you do it.""i know what you want and im not giving it to you." i snapped finally got it."you know you want to give it to me... you can't resist yourself when im around...""i don't and i wont have sex with you!""yes you will!" he snapped at me. his emotions changed to quick to be normal... his emotions changed like Georgia!" Niall i know your bipolar... and you know it for a fact... Niall i know the true you can over power your other emotions."shut up Julia!" i know that was hate."im sorry i didn't mean to snap on you." that's forgiveness. but hate seems to over power and there's that emotion that i cant read and its him right now. he pulled a knife and threatened me."Julia go to the barn NOW or i will kill everyone you love starting with Zayn..." so i did as he commanded. so we walked to the barn."get naked." i shook my head and he walked up to me and smacked me in the face."now get undressed!" so i did so. he smiled then frowned. but that emotion took over and he got naked to. he came and slammed his lips onto mine and he tightly grabbed my wrist because i didn't kiss back."you know what will happen." he said in a stern voice. so he did it again and i kissed back he begged for and entranced and he tightened his grip so i let him in. he laid me down on the hay and automatically goes inside me! his member isn't as big as Zayns but its still big. he was going so fast and so hard a tried not to moan but it slipped. my body was shaking bad but he kept going. i know Zayn did that but i enjoyed it. for every push my body shook until he came... he filled me and i didn't like it this time. he was hovering over top of me crying. he laid next to me both of us hot but not sweaty. i knew this is the Niall i want."Julia....""Niall i know... why didn't you tell me about your bipolar."he pulled out of me laying next to me. he say my cheek was red and he cried even harder."did i hit you?" i nodded and he cried more."Julia i would never force you to have sex with me... i don't know why i did that." his eyes looked beautiful when they were glossy and the moon light hit them."i know Niall...." i sat up and walked to our clothes and i got dressed same with him."your gonna tell Zayn aren't you?" i looked at him then down at the floor."Niall did you mean for any of this to happen?" he shook his head no and i hugged him."no. but if this happens again i might.""did i hurt you besides hitting you?""you threatened to kill everyone if i didn't you know." he looked at my wrist i just realized that it was bruised and the bruises are shaped like how he grabbed me."ill make and excuse." he nodded and i let the dogs in and we all just went to bed. i tried to forget about everything.i ended up with my face pressed in Zayns chest and his arms around my waist.

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