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17. My Change

as i woke up i rolled over and whispered into Zayns ear."Zayn i want to change...""what do you mean?""i i wan't to change my appearance.""um ok." he said pecking my cheek. so i took a quick shower and dried my hair i rapped my towel around my body. so i took out the dye and looked in the mirror."good bye old life!" about an hour later i walked out with a towel around my hair so they couldn't see. i got dressed i put on my grey skinny jeans and a white and black tank top and my black knee high chucks. i styled my hair and sighed and applied light make up. i walked out the closet and Zayn stared at me and i smiled."what you think?""i love it!" he said walking to me. he grabbed my waist and pulled me in i smiled and he leaned in for a kiss and our lips touched. though i pulled away i was supose to meet my friend Matt at his house so i grabbed my hoodie black hoodie and grabbed the car keys. this is me now..

so as i got into the car i waved bye to the boys. and off to Matts. when i got there i passed my old house and there were a bunch of cops there still trying to find out what happened. a tear rolled down my cheek. so when i got to  Matts i hopped out the car and ran to the door and knocked his mom answered."hi mom!" i said giving her a hug."hi julia!" when my dad abused me i would always come over to Matts and spend the night here so his mom is kinda like my mom so i call her that. "Matt is up stairs sweetie.""ok thanks mom." so ran up the stairs and knocked at his door. i guess he didnt know that i was here. so i ran in jumping on the bed."hi bro!""Julia?!?!?! i MISSED you!""i MISSED you to Matt. this is Matt...

"i love your hair! you dicided to color it again? i remember when it was purple, blue every color you could think of!" we started to laugh really hard." so were you living know?" he asked flipping his hair out of his face."with one direction! i used to go out with Niall! and the boys are in love with me...Niall moved to Ireland for a little but when he comes back he wants to get back together...""oh... well your free now!" he said moving my hair. i looked into his crystal blue eyes and smiled and mom came in. "mom!" he screamed."hey don't yell at mom!" i said messing up his hair."well i made lunch if your hungry." so she walked away. "you want to go for a walk?" Matt asked looking into my eyes and i nodded. we ate some lunch first. and then went to the park. we sat on top of the slide. the park is always dead so we didn't get disturbed much."Julia i know we just got reunited but i always liked you even when we broke up... will yougo back out with me?" i was major blushing i nodded my head and he leaned in and we kissed. when we pulled away i smiled. a hour later we took a pic of us together this is it...

i felt like i really did belong or fit in when i was with Matt. so we walked back to my place. Zayn walked down stairs and examined Matt then he saw us holding hands than he smiled at me. i smiled back."hello im Zayn. and who are you?""im Matt. nice to meet you Zayn." the rest of the boys came down stairs and saw us too, holding hands. they all smiled and asked him the same question."well it was nice to meet all of you but i must go home. bye babe he said kissing my lips."bye babe!" i said happily. so Zayn threw me over the couch and pinned me down then Liam came over and tickled me and i could help but to laugh. Harry and Louis were playing a game at the dinner table. when they were done tickling me they asked me a bunch of questions."so that's Matt?" Lou said kinda annoyed."yeah... Louis whats wrong?"" i don't know i guess i feel weird seeing you with other guys when you dated Niall.""Bestie!" i yelled at him and he smiled."someones jealous of Matt!" i teased him. and he giggled."fine im jealous that he will take you away from me bestie!" he said tackling my to the floor then he licked me!!!"ewww!!!!"" lets go swimming!" Harry said all of a sudden!"ok." so we all got changed i was wearing my dark blue bikini and the boys were wearing multi colored swim trunks. i pushed Zayn into the pool so Liam caught me i escaped his grip and pushed him in then Lou tried to catch me but he fell off the side and into the pool! but harry caught me and all the boys got out and they all held me and jumped in and throwing me up before they got in the water making me land on Liam." hey how you doing?" i said and we all laughed. we swam for a couple of hours and ordered pizza for dinner than we ended up throwing a party i invited over Matt and he invited his friends. Zayn invited his friends, same with the rest of the boys. we didnt want that many people so we didnt want that many people there was about 35 people.

                                                      -----> Zayn's p.o.v<-----

i guess after a while Julia was wasted and so was i. i guess i was jealous of Julia and Matt because i really liked her! But i had to be nice just for her until she passed out and  everyone wasted even Matt! so he took her to bed and when he came down he was flirting with girls so me and the boys put a stop to that." what the fuck Matt!!!""whats up boys?""your fucking flirting with girls while you HAVE a GIRLFRIEND!""yeah and your girl friend is my best friend and our little sister so don't even think of cheating on her because if you do we will kill you!!" Louis snapped back getting in Matt's face."all right man!" he said tripping over everything. Juliacametripping down the stairs and joined the party again! Matt didn't touch a other girl and we all passed out.well everyone left besides me, Matt, Harry, Lou, Liam and Julia. when i woke up i was the first to wake up. Julia and Matt were passed out in the big blow up ball. Liam was in the sun room on the floor, Louis was out back on the shed roof. idk how he got up there. Harry was asleep on the table in the dining room. so i went but to sleep in bed.

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