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18. My birthday

8 months later...

TODAY IS MY BIRTHDAY! as i woke up with a BIG smile on my face i glanced at my phone to see it was a text from Matt. i rolled my eyes. a couple months ago i walked in his house of coarse invited in but i knocked on his door and walked in... he was cheating on me with my best friend.... SKETCHY!!! i was heart broken and now i don't want to talk to nether of them ever again! but anyway i texted him back he was always saying that he was sorry and he didn't mean to! who the fuck does he think i am! but i texted back i never should have giving you a second chance! you ass! so i jumped into the shower and did my morning things. i got into the closet and chose this out fit...

i applied light make up and when i got my shoes on a quickly ran down the stairs jumping into Liam's arms on accented."oops... sorry Liam." i said climbing down."its ok birthday girl!"i smiled big again and checked my phone again. i was waiting to hear from Niall."hey we are going to the studio birthday girl. you are coming to!" Zayn said walking in from the back yard."where's Louis and Harry?" i asked probably already knew the answer."they are getting the studio ready...""for what?""for rehearsal silly.""oh.. ok!" i said going to the kitchen to make me some chocolate chip pancakes."you might not want to eat anything to big.." Liam said walking over to me."why?""we might order pizza while we are there.""oh ok." i said putting everything away and eating a ham and cheese sandwich."you boys ready?" i asked from the kitchen. Zayn was wearing black skinny jeans with a red shirt and a black jacket which the sleeves were rolled up so you could see his tattoos. Liam was wearing grey skinny jeans and a blue v-neck shirt, with a N.Y.C black and blue hoodie with a black and blue N.Y.C snap back which he wore backwards."we are ready when you are''. so we hopped into the car and went to the studio there was a lot of cars there."why are there so many cars?""um for the people that work here duh." i giggled"ok." so when we got in the studio all the lights were out and it was silent."wheres Louis ans Harry?" i asked looking around."there in the back room. come on." Zayn said very loud. but i shrugged it off until we went into the room i turned on the lights and... SUPRIZE!!!!" EVERYONE SCREAMED I WAS SO HAPPY! i walked around said hi to everyone and the boys came out with a really i mean really big box!"open it!" Louis said happily and exsitedly."ok!""wait i need a pic!" Zayn screamed grabbing his phone. so i counted in my head 5...4...3...2...1! i nodded and opened it and Niall popped out!"OH MY GOD!'' i think i started to cry! "Niall!!!" i screamed and jumped into his arms! i got some hops so i made it into his arms. we stepped out and we didn't leave each others side you the rest of the night!" i missed you Julia!" he said as he slammed his lips onto mine everyone took pictures of it and we stood there for about 5 minutes kissing. you have no idea of how much i missed you!" i said pulling away." um i like your hair!" he said taking off my hat and messing it up." you really like it?" i asked not knowing if he was lying to me or not."yes!!! i think it looks awesome!" he said putting my hat back on. when we hugged i smiled at all the boys and mouthed thank you. they smiled and nodded. but in the corner of my eye i saw the one person i didn't want to see... Matt. so i signaled the boys over to him and Louis walked over there and talked to him but Matt punched him in the face so i kissed Niall's cheek and ran over there punching Matt dead smack in his jaw! sending him into the wall." don't ever FUCKING punch him!'' i spat at him. he grinned and  i made a confused look."so now your there body guard? Lame!""says the one that made me do all the fucking fighting!!!" i spitted back! the room was quiet and i felt a hand grab my shoulder and pull me back it was Niall. i tear fell down my cheek and he moved me and punched him in the stomach! Lou got up and punched him in the jaw. Liam pulled me away into the other room while that was being taken care of. so everyone left."are you ok Julia?""yeah..." i said looking down."are you sure?""no..." so he pulled me in for a hug." thanks for the party...""no problem and this is just a bump in the road when we get home we will celebrate!" he said picking up my chin and smiled at me i gave him a smile back and we played a game! i heard Matt leave and the boys came in zayn had a red fist, Niall had a swollen knuckle, Harry's hand was burning red and Louis face was really really really red and so were his arms."Damn girl you can throw a punch!" Louis said sitting next to me and hugged me. i giggled."hes right! you got a really strong punch!" Zayn said walkingin from the hallway. Harry just smiledand nodded. then Niall came inand placed me on his lap and i blushed." you guys want to go to the AMA tonight?" Harry asked checking his phone we all nodded. so when we got home everyone got in the shower and changed this is my dress..

i put on light make up and curled my hair even more and i put on a black bow hair band in the middle of my hair so my bands were still out and i put on my black wedges that had a bow on the toes. i stepped back and admired myself. when i walked down stairs Louis and Liam were sitting on the couch watching sponge bob." you too are little kids!" i said laughing."well first you look amazing and second says the one who watches it all the damn time!" Liam said putting his arm around me. i stared at him and he giggled because i started to tickle him. but Louis grabbed my arms and Liam started to tickle me i was laughing so much that my stomach started to hurt. so Niall tacked them both and escaped and they pinned down Niall and started to tickle him! hes very ticklish. so Harry and i grabbed the boys and started to tickle them. Zayn jumped in and picked  me up then they all tackled me and Niall sat me on his lap and held me down and they tickled me. so they stopped and i pouted and Niall was trying to cheer me up than he carried me out to the car. i sat in the back with Niall and Louis i put my ear buds in and played story of my life. i love this song and i started to sing to it..

''Written in these walls are the stories that I can't explain,
I leave my heart open but it stays right here empty for days.

She told me in the morning she don't feel the same about us in her bones, It seems to me that when I die these words will be written on my stone.''the boys smiled and started to sing along and i didn't know until i took out 1 of my ear buds. i smiled and kept singing.  

 ''And I'll be gone gone tonight The ground beneath my feet is open wide The way that I been holdin' on too tight  With nothing in between

The story of my life I take her home I drive all night to keep her warm and time… Is frozen the story of, the story of my life!''

i smiled and Niall kissed my forehead... and smiled back"i love you..." he whispered into my ear."i... love you too Niall." i took a big sigh before i finished my sentence. we finally arrived a hour later and i listened to the whole album... again."you guys ready?" Liam said. we had to walk down the red carpet! i was excited/scared!"Niall what if i make a fool of myself?" i said kinda panicking."you wont just stay with me and the boys." he said smiling then we all got out and immediately bombarded by cameras and questions. like 'are you and Niall going out?''Niall why did you chose her?"why does your girl friend have pink hair?"are you a slut?' slut...slut...that word echoed in my head over and over and over again. i haven't heard anyone call me that in a while. Niall saw i want to run... he felt when they asked that that i tensed up, that my eyes filled with tears. so we walked inside and the boys saw a tear roll down my cheek. Niall kissed me quickly and i said "do you think im a....slut?""baby,no!" he pulled me in and i broke down i just cried and i wanted to cry and cry and cry. like no one was watching but everyone was. the boys didn't care we all just hugged. so i cleaned myself up and one of the poperatize girls that asked me that knew how i reacted and she apologized."look im so sorry...i didn't mean it like that... i really am sorry.""Its ok.."i said redoing my make up and left to go sit with Niall and the boys. skipping AMA.  when we finished up at the AMA and walked back to the car we met or i met a lot of people like Taylor Swift, Miley Cyrus, Justin Beiber, Macklemore, and so many other people. so when we headed home and i passed out on the couch in Zayns arms!!! he fell asleep to we were watching a movie and so we fell asleep.

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