No Escape from your love! <3

I really dont have much to say... hope you enjoy!!!


10. Monday :(

as we woke up i turned around and looked a the clock it was 5:35am."Niall get up!!!"i said hitting him in the head with a pillow!!!"Fine...." he said. so i pecked his lip with a kiss. i quickly jumped in the shower. and got dressed this is my out fit...

I flt ironed my hair and put on light makeup... i put on my i <3 boobies bracelet so no one would see my cuts... when Niall saw my wrist again a frowned. all he wearing is a pair of grey skinny jeans and a blue N.Y.C shirt and his snap back." you know you can still see the cuts.." Niall said looking at my wrist."yea i know... but ill keep them hidden." i said looking at the ground. Niall drove me to school 'before we get out... Julia um....will you go out with me?" Niall said looking into my eyes..."you don't that cut""of course not... that just makes you you.""then yes..." i pecked his lips getting out of the 2014 camro. Niall quickly jumped out grabbing his and my bag. "thank you Niall." i said smiling at him.he grabbed my hand then we walked into the school. i could feel everyone starring at us but Niall didn't care. "Babe every ones looking..." i said under my breathe."i know just ignore them.." he said and smiled. i saw harry and the guys and Austin and his boys were surrounding our locker and i even saw Mica. he had a stuck up snob cheerleader wrapped under his  arms."Niall when you and Julia start going out?" Harry asked he looked kinda mad. scene this morning." Niall gave him a cocky tone. i whispered into Niall's ear "whats the matter babe?""Harry is the matter!!!""why?""he said that he would fuck you tonight hard and ruff.""ewww gross babe only can fuck me." we both smiled at each other a kissed. i saw that mica was jealous... his 'girlfriend' whispered into his ear "is she your ex?" shes a terrible whisperer. he didn't answer just stared at me and my ass."Bro KEEP YOUR FUCKING HANDS OFF HER!!!" i heard Niall scream from the other side of the hallway."OH NO  THERE WILL BE THAN HANDS ON HER!!!" harry spit back.they were talking about me!!! i hate it when he fights!!!"NIALL!!! I WILL BITCH SLAP YOU BOTH IF YOU DON'T STOP!!! LOOK HARRY FUCK NO IM NOT LETTING YOU TOUCH ME AND BABE stop fighting!!!" i screamed at them. it went quiet for a good while. then Niall walked over to me and pulled me in for a kiss.we stood there for about 5 minutes just making out until we were interrupted by the bell so we held hands to our first class witch was art!!! yay my favorite subject!!!We were getting news seats today...'' ok class today we are getting new seats! oko so its teams of too..." she went through the whole list besides me, Niall, Harry, Mica, Sketchy, Austin, Lilyan, and Zachary."ok so Julia you and Niall are in the second table in the back, Harry and Mica are behind you too, Silvia and Austin are next to Julia and Niall and Zachary and Lilyan  are behind  Austin and Silvia." she finally got on to our lesson.. i felt like some one or two people staring at me so i told Niall "Niall i fell like someone is staring at me..." so he looked around slowly so no one would notice and in the corner of my eye i saw Harry and Mica staring at me."ok class today is a free block so do what ever but no fighting." the teacher said looking right at Harry. everyone saw and started to chuckle."Babe who was looking at you?""No one never mind babe..."  i quickly pecked his lips and walked over to sketchy and Lilyan."so you and Niall are a thing now?" sketchy said in a curious voice."yup we started dating this morning... he spent the night over at my house to check in on  me and ended up sleeping with me!!!" i said cheerfully."Look out here comes Harry and Mica."Hey Julia... im so gonna fuck you tonight..."he said biting his bottom lip."ah fuck no Harry why don't you go fuck one of the cheerleader snobs scene you boys obviously love them so much!" i spitted back. Niall heard me and quickly walked over grabbing my hand and pulling me away to the far back corner."Julia what did Harry say?""He was just being stupid...""what did he say?!?!""ill tell you but you can't fight him... you know ill start crying...""i promise.""well he said he was gonna fuck me but i promise i wont let him... i love you babe." i told Niall so he pulled me in for a kiss. running his hands down till they hit my ass. he grabbed tight on them making my moan a little he smiled between kisses. His tongue slipped into my mouth and i let him. "Niall you have a early dismissal."Babe you cant leave me.." i said giving him a pouty look."I have to go to my little brothers concert... i love you""love you too babe." so he grabbed my hand pulling me to the door and smashed his lips on mine we stood there for about 2 minutes making out then he pulled away." bye babe love you see you later after school.""ok bye love you too." i walked back to were sketchy and Lilyan were standing."you are a cute couple!" Lilyan said giving me a ear to ear smile."you think so...""yeah well at least you guys get to sit next to your boyfriends... i have to sit with Austin... he tried to hold my hand under the table and tried to in my pants and he rubs my leg!" she had this disgusted look on her face"Oh  my god Mica cant keep his eyes off of you!!! to cute..."Lilyan said excitedly."no its not he left me like i was nothing he made me cut myself... i don't think i can be this friend or anything anymore." i said as a tear rolled down my cheek. Liam saw that i was upset."Julia whats the matter? do you want me to text Niall?""im fine Liam..." i wish he was here i need him..." i said looking at the ground. so he texted Niall. "Niall said that he's coming to pick you up now." Liam said picking up my chin."thanks Liam for caring about me..." he pulled me in for a hug and whispered into my ear... "im always here for you don't ever forget that." i pulled away and he walked back over to the boys."wow did Liam just help you?""yeah we are good friends."" i said with a weak smile." Julia you have a early dismissal." the teacher shouted out. so i gave the girls a hug and gave Liam and Louis a hug too. "babe!' Niall came and hugged me tightly."hey babe..." i said looking down at the  floor. he grabbed my hand and we walked out the school."whats the matter Liam said you were crying..." he said picking up my chin."its Mica... sketchy just brought him up and i guess i just got emotoinal from the way he left me...""babe i will never leave you... i love you so much!""i love you too Niall." he pecked my lips and we left the school." let go to my house." Niall said at a red light."ok." he grabbed my hand and I ended up fallin asleep my head against his shoulder."hey babe we here." he said whispering in my ear."ok..." i said in a sleepy tone. we were still holding hands. as we walked in side Niall swept me off my feet literally!"your still tired arent you babe?" he asked in a soft voice."yeah..." i said burring my head into his stumic. so he took me upstairs into his room and took offmy hat, shoes, earings, and shirt i had a tank-top on and laid me in bed, put the covers over me. he took off his hat,shoes and his shirt.he snuggled with me. he was so warm!! we both fell asleep shortly after that.

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