No Escape from your love! <3

I really dont have much to say... hope you enjoy!!!


11. monday night

we woke up around 2:30pm about the time school gets out."Niall can we go for a walk?""Yeah babe were too?""i want to see my mom...""ok Julia.""Niall i need you to go with me because my dad might try to hit me." i saw he had a frown on his face.we got dressed and we left the house. we held hands when we started to walk."here get on!""ok!" i jumped on his back and he gave me a piggyback ride half way there. so i i pulled him in for a kiss and we did. when got to the house there was the cops and abluence there too!!!"MOMMY!!!" i saw theem bring out a body that was under a sheet. i police officer stopped me but i escaped his grip and ran to the body and there lied my mom... dead."MOMMY!!! NO YOU CANT LEAVE ME!!!MOMMY!!!" I was crying my eyes out. my makeup running down my face. they had like 10 cops pull me off my mom."NO!!!" then i saw them bring out my dad in hand cuffs!!! i ran over to him and punched him dead smack in the jaw."YOU FUCKING ASSHOLE!!! ALL YOU DID IS ABUSE ME AND MOM!!! I HATE YOU!!!" i hit him again but in the gut knocking the wind right out of him!!! Niall ran over and grabbed me and picked me by the waist and tried to get me away from him"YOUR LIKE YOUR MOTHER!!! A BITCH!!! THIS WOULDN'T HAVE HAPPENED IF YOU DIDN'T RUN AWAY!!! THIS IS YOUR FAULT THAT YOUR MOTHERS DEAD!!! he spit back! they put him into the car and told Niall to take me home. half way to his house he had me on his shoulder." Niall please put me DOWN!" i said calmly but demanding. he put me down and i ran into his arms hugging him and sobbing!" Lets go." he grabbed my hand and walked to his house. "Babe im so sorry..." Niall said pulling me in for a hug. we stood there hugging for about 10 minutes. the boys came over and saw us standing there hugging and me in tears..."Oh my god! what happened?" liam came rushing over to us. so did the rest of the boys...everyone pulled away."Julia i want to ask you something..." Niall sat on the couch pulling me down with him the boys sat around us."what do you need to ask?" i asked trying to stop crying."what happened before you moved with Harry?" Niall asked moving the hair from in front of my eyes looking into them. so i told them the whole story i thought the boys were going to cry... i started to cry so Niall pulled me in for a hug and pecked my cheek."Julia you should go to rehearsal with us!" Harry said trying to lighten the mood."yeah come on Julia it will be fun!" Zayn said with a weak smile."ok..." i said with the weakest smile ever. Niall whipped my tears away. he pulled me in again and kissed my lips and i followed with. So the boys and i went back to the house harrys house. "i think im gonna lay down." i said with a tired look in my eyes."ok... love you ill see you tomorrow!"  he said running up to me giving me a quick kiss. "Night luv!" the boys shouted. i went to my room and layed on the bed and slowly going to sleep. thinking of my mom...


hey guys i haven't wrote to you guys in a while i just wanted to say thanks a lot for favoring this book... but im also stuck im coming up with ideas!!! so i will try to update as soon as i can k love ya!!!

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