No Escape from your love! <3

I really dont have much to say... hope you enjoy!!!


31. Liams Turn

they let me get comfortable last night before i become their um i don't know puppet. but that didn't work Zayn followed me everywhere i go. Luckily tonight is with Liam and wait... he said he likes me shit!!! so i was getting settled  in until Zayn came. FLASH BACK!

"i want to have sex!" Zayn yelled at me as i was unpacking my clothes."no Zayn!" i snapped back at him. he slapped me across my face and warned me. i was honestly scared."ii im sorry Julia." he sat next to me and hugged me and cradled me."Zayn why did you change i thought that we were happy together... what about our dream of kids, a family, Mrs. and Mr. Malik.""im sorry Julia but i had to... do you know how hard it is going to hurt seeing you with them.Julia i do love you and unfortunately they do to  and we thought i would be fair for us and i thought you would be ok with it.""well you thought wrong." i mumbled."i know i thought wrong and its not nice to mumble.""ZAYN ITS NOT NICE TO SHARE YOUR GIRLFRIEND!" i yelled/snapped and him. i saw anger grow in his eyes."i want sex... RIGHT NOW." he said trying to keep calm."no." i said back almost whispering. Zayn walked up to be and held my hands and placed his head on mine. a tear streamed down my cheek and he whipped it away."Julia i do love you...""sure you do... your such a great boyfriend." i said with sarcasm in my voice. he sighed and pushed me against the wall lightly though and kissed me. it felt right kissing him back and i gave him an entrance right away. he pulled away when i slightly pushed his chest letting him know im done. i smiled and kissed him this time and his hands traveled my body til they hit my bum he picked me put on a chair."i want to paint you." i laughed at first than nodded.END OF FLASH BACK!

my flash backstopped when there was a knock at the door. i was Liam."hi Liam." i said making eye contact."look Julz me and Lou are ageist this but we have to so if you um want to stop you know then tell us but the boys said that we have to sleep with you." i nodded and hugged him."i love you Payne.""love you- hey!"he just realized that i just called him Payne."come here!" he grabbed me by my waist tosing me back to him."hey how you doing?" we laughed."how i doing what?" were dying of laughter."im getting in the shower." i told him grabbing a towl."can i come?"" i don't know if you can then you can if you cant then you cant." he gave me confused llook."im yours today." he nodded and grabbed a towel! i thought he was kidding!!!"um...i-""shut up im sleeping with you later so might as well see each others body right?" i nodded and slowly took off my clothes."Ive seen your boobs before its fine." i nodded and finished then he got undressed and hopped in. DAMN his member is bigger than Zayns!!! he just laughed."like what you see?" i nodded my head and washed my hair. Liam washed my body how creepy does that sound. but i mean my back. when we were done we stood there for a little and he wrapped his arms around my waist and i felt his member on my bum. i don't know what to feel. i was excited and scared and nervous. he placed his chin on the crease of my neck. oh yeah the tub it huge to were you can it in it and lay down. i turned around and he kissed me. i would let him pull away. we stood there for about 10 minutes kissing. he laid down and i was straddling his waist. what no condom."your already breaking a rule.." i whispered into his ear and he smiled."i know no condom." he whispered back. so i sat on his member and when it went in it hurt but it felt good.i started to ride him harder and harder but we cover each others mouths when we wanted to moan. he flipped us carefully and started to thrust hard and harder and harder. shortly after my body started to shake and he smiled."keep going?" he whispered and i nodded. my body still shaking he pushed as hard at he could in such a small area and that's when he came we both had to cover each others mouth because on that push we both moaned loudly his body was shaking and i felt as he filled me i felt good. he collapsed next to me and we looked at each other and smiled."see you later Liam." i pecked his lips hopping out the shower. i dried myself off and did my morning routes like make up and i chose this outfit...

he said were something cute but sexy so i chose this outfit. i did my make up although i put on less but still it was enough. so i walked out to the boys and they stared at me for a while."is this ok?""yeah its perfect." Liam came running up to me and pecked my cheek and intertwined our fingers. oh they made a new rule who ever day it is have me is my 'boyfriend' for the day. Liam bit his lip as he examined my body head to toe."hey girly.""sup Liam.""did you hear the new rule?""yeah and i think you did too." i said lifting up our hands."oh and with me you can have your personal space." we both laughed."i hope so." he smiled and i blushed."we are leaving bye." Liam called out pulling me behind and they all nodded and said bye."so Li- i mean babe what are we doing today?""we are going to play some laser tag!""yay!" i cheered happily."sucks we only have 1 day of the week babe.""yeah...wait i dont have anyone on Sunday and i get to spend Saturday with everyone." he smiled and nodded."good that you know what your schedule is. who you have tomorrow?""whats tomorrow? Wednesday right?" he nodded."damn i have Niall... and after that is Lou-Bear and then Harry then all of u, Monday i have Zayn and Tuesday you!" damn my schedule is tight. i sighed and just realized that we are still holding hands.we pull up to ta red light and i make him look at me and i lean in but he stops me."are you gonna pull or do i have too?""your suppose to lean and pull."i chuckled and he leaned in and our lips touched they were soft and great... in my stomach it felt weird but a good weird. maybe this wasn't so bad. he pulled about 5 minutes later. there was no one behind us and so we kissed again but this them for about 10 minutes! he doesn't like to pull away. i felt him try but he couldn't."green light go." i whispered to him and he smiled and winked at me i just blushed and we held hands again. he lied we weren't going to play laser tag we went to the beach. i smiled big and looked at him. he was so focused on the road his eyes are beautiful and just him."you think im a bad boy?""not really." i laughed and he pouted so i pecked his cheek."you play video games?""yup and i kick ass in all games too!""i bet i can beet you.""your on...wait don't we need a um-""oh babe when we get home duh... we are going to my room anyways." he kinda mumbled the last part."babe what did you just say?""oh babe when we get home duh." near the end his voice go higher and he got nervous."no the other thing after that.""we are going to my room anyways." he said almost out the car."come here babe." he hesitated than came. all i did was give him a kiss."haha you got scared!" i started to laugh. we finally arrived there and we hopped out and i ran from him in a playful way he caught up to me because i was wearing heels and he grabbed me and pulled me close to his body i was excited. we played for about and hour than ate McDonald's. shortly after that we went home and i guess it was time to do it. so we walked in and said hi and we went up to his room and once that door closed it was on."i have a feeling you don't want to have sex..." Liam said looking into my eyes. i broke the eye contact and looked down."i do... but i don't like being 'shared'... its weird.""i know im against it well Lou and i are.""i know." i smiled once he said that."are you ready?" i nodded and he leaned in and our lips connected. our lips move in harmony and i enjoyed it. he laid me down gently. he pulled away and looked into my eyes."we don't have to do this... we can say we already did which tectonically  wouldn't be lying because we did." i laughed and nodded."thanks Liam for not pushing me." he smiled at me and i smiled back."anything for you sweet cheeks!" i giggled and he kissed my cheek."so why don't we just play call of duty?" i nodded and he handed me a controller."im so gonna kick your ass!" i said as we started the game."you sure do a lot of talking shit." i laughed and we played."ohhhhhh that's why i beat your ass!" i yelled at Liam as i totally dominated him. he shook his head."im tired. what about you?" Liam asked turning the consul off."yeah... i guess beating you took a lot out of me.""shut up." we laughed again. he put on a movie it was called My Sisters Keeper. i think i cried a lot in the movie but i soon fell asleep on Liam's shoulder and he finished the movie. he laid me down and turned off the light and he climbed right into bed. i moved closer to him so my head was pressed against his chest and he had his arms around me. i looked up and smiled i saw the out line of his face and i could tell he was smiling at me."Liam why do you care about me so much?" i asked almost whispering to him."what do you mean?""you take care of me... you give me space, an opinion, and you treat me like i was the most precious thing you own." he smiled."because i love you, and you are the most precious thing i could have... and i want to treat you right like you are mine to hold and to love." i smiled and kissed his cheek."thank you Liam." i smiled and so did he. i laid my head back on his chest and his arms were wrapped around me lightly but caring like i was a baby and i loved it and i think i love him. Niall and Zayn drifted out of my head and Liam filled there spot. he laid his head against the top of my head and soon we fell asleep to the noise of rain drops hitting the window.

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