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29. Just Act Like Everything Is Normal

when i woke up i felt like my head was spinning so i laid back down."you ok babe?""i don't know i sat and the room was spinning..." i heard him breathe out and he laid back down with me and i scooted close to him and i put my head on his chest and he had is arms wrapped around my waist. i heard the boys talking about something until they came in the room."whats wrong with Julia?" i heard Harry's voice speak the loudest."yeah is she ok?" then Louis asked."whats wrong Julz?" i heard Niall ask. i noticed that Liam didn't ask but i didn't care right know."i don't know... she sat up and she said the room was spinning and so was her head...she said that she feels like shes gonna black out" the boys gasped."boys go get her medicine and ask for answers on why she is feeling this way." i knew Liam was there."go ill stay with her its fine." Liam suggested and they agreed. it was just me and Liam."Julia can you sit up?" i tried and i couldn't."no." i knew that i haven't felt like this in a while."come here love." Liam came and laid on the floor with me and snuggled with me. i didn't mind and he didn't neither."so what happened last night with you and Niall?" he asked my heart sunk."you can tell me any thing i promise i wont tell anyone." i knew i could trust his so i manged to get on the couch but i fell like 5 times just going to the couch which was like 6 inches away! finally Liam helped me and when i got there i laid my head down and he turned all the lights out and shut all the blinds. it was dark."my mum use to say if you feel like this than its best to sit in the dark. i could still see him and he could to. i laid my head in his lap and he started to stoke my hair i didn't mind i kinda liked it."well last night i woke up because i had to pee and and let the dogs out. so i did so and he came out side and started to act weird. he wasn't himself-"Liam cut me off."you have knowest it too? i thought i was the only one. but please continue.""well you know how i know how everyone feels... you know of my so called 'gift' well i read his and it wasn't the same he had this one emotion that i couldn't read... i don't know what it was but i wasn't a true emotion. well he kissed me and threatened me that if i don't listen he is going to kill everyone i love. so when he kissed me the second time i had to kiss back and he tried to get his tongue in my mouth but i wouldn't let him... he squeezed my wrist to hard and bruised it. then he told me to go the barn and i did then he told me to get naked and i said no then he slapped me! and he told me to do it and i had to then he raped me i didn't want to have sex with him... but at the end he became Niall again and he explained everything and i forgave him for now... i don't want to tell Zayn or anyone because they might try to hurt him...." Liam was shocked by the story."do you believe me?" i gave him a look."yes i believe you... but i know for a fact that Niall would never do that especially not you.""yeah i know." i don't how but Liam saw i had a tear in my eye and a tear rolling down my cheek."please don't cry." he held me, he comforted me, hes so nice and kind and handsome, and smart and- Julia stop! i felt my heart was yelling at me but my soul loves him."Julia um... i... i like you." Liam said looking into my eyes and i broke the eye contact."Julz we got meds!" Louis yelled."don't turn on-" Liam started to yell but didn't finish. Niall already turn them on!"IT THE FUCKING LIGHTS OFF GOD DAMN IT!!!" i screamed at them and they turned the lights off real quick. Zayn walked over to me and gave me 4 pills each a different color. i looked at him confused like he would see my facial expression in the dark."they will help you take them." well maybe he can. so took them and a couple minutes later i was out in a flash.

Zayns P.O.V

a couple minutes after Julia took the pills she was out. we decided to leave her there for a quick moment."Damn that didn't take long." Niall said."what?" Liam was clueless so we filled him in."Look scene we all love her we are going to share her." i explained. Liam's jaw dropped to the floor."we shouldn't have to share her she wants to be with you and that she wants!" Liam was totally ageist it."Liam buddy... look we all know you have a crush on her and we all too so we talked and we are just going to share her. like Zayn gets her on Mondays, you get her on Tuesday, i get her on Wednesday, Louis get her on Thursday, and Harry gets her on Friday, the weekends are hers but she has to sleep with us all on Saturday and Sunday is her day to relax." Niall explained the plans to Liam i cant believe Liam and Louis are ageist this! there lucky im sharing her!"but there are rules... 1) everyone uses condoms except Zayn. 2) she can not leave this house ever unless one of us are with her. 3) no group sex 4)try to keep it private but not to private. 5) if she disobeys you hit her. 6) don't hold back. a couple of hours later she woke up in her new room."wa Zayn?""hey pumpkin. we changed somethings around here." so i explained it all to her and she hated the idea but i didn't pay attention to it i just kissed her she pulled away."don't ever fucking pull away us boys tell you went to pull away! got it?!?!"she nodded and i kissed her again but this is one was longer than any of the times we kissed. about 5 minutes later of making out i finally pulled away." i like this way much better." i smirked at her and helped her up and out of bed. we arrived at the living room and Louis and Liam were sitting there talking and she walked over to them and sat in between them!"Julia come sit with me." i demanded and she sighed but listened. i put her on my lap and snaked  my arm around her waist so she was straddling my waist i smiled and i kissed her and again she knew not to pull away and she listened."good girl."

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