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25. Clubbing time

when i woke up i was in Zayn's arms. i smiled at the sight he looked hot with him hair a mess. i knew i smelt like sex and i hated the smell of it afterwards last nights smelt was amazing so i got up started to walk to the door in his shirt until suddenly a think British voice came from the bed. "were you going sexy?"" to take a shower and you should too.""hey!" i laughed at him pouting and i took a quick shower doing my morning routes. so i hopped out with a towel around my body. i still had clothes here but they were in Niall's room.... when i realized that my heart dropped because i had sex with Zayn and I still have feelings for Niall but also Zayn. i felt trapped like i was a mouse in a mouse trap. so i walked in and he was awake sitting on the bed playing the ps4 and he quickly looked over at me and smirked. i rolled my eyes."hey princess. you decided to come back to me and not Zayn?" i was shocked that he asked that i just ignored him. i went into the closet looking for an outfit."Niall our we all going somewhere?" i asked from the closet."yeah we are going to the club." i said back looking at me from his game. i gave him a confused look."Julia you guys slept til 6 in the afternoon its now like 8:30 at night. i looked at the clock to make sure and he was right. so i looked again and found this outfit...

i applied like make up like usual and curled my hair so i would look curlier. i thought for a while and i wanted to try something out. all the boys were down stairs all ready."Harry, Louis, Liam and Zayn im gonna get you guys girls to go with""but Julz arent you going with me?" Zayn asked kinda hurt i looked down."sorry Zayn im going with Niall..." i saw he was hurt and he nodded at the information i just told him. so i called my for friends and they would meet us there these are them..

Perrie Edwards...

i thought Perrie and Zayn would look good together.

Eleanor Calder...

i chose Eleanor for Louis

Danielle Peazer

i wanted Danielle and Liam to work out. (i know Danielle and Liam broke up but just go with it in the story luv ya)

Felicity Skinner

Felicity is the one i chose for Harry. (again i know they broke up but just go with it.)

finally we left the house and Zayn and I sat in the back and Niall and Louis sat in the middle and Harry and Liam sat in the front. Harry wanted to drive so we let him. i saw Zayn was still hurt and i felt guilty."Zayn are you ok?" i whispered to him."i guess... i just thought that you loved me like you  said..." he whispered back. i looked down because i knew he was right i did tell him i loved him and i meant it to."Zayn... when i said that i did mean it and im just... im so confused..." i said i didnt know what to say actually."Julia i know you want me to try to go out with Perrie and she is beautiful but no one can fill my heart you do, your my missing piece to my puzzle,my queen to my king, my heart to spades, my girl to my world..." when he said that my guilt grew more and more he was all of those things to me."Zayn my heart has been locked for years but when i met you it unlocked but when i saw Niall it beet again with love." he looked down. i had a tattoo on my heart and it was a heart with a piece missing. none of the boys bothered to notice it."Zayn have you ever noticed my heart tattoo thats missing a piece to it?""yeah." he looked at me when he answered."well the missing piece is a key and the key says love... no one has the key well at least not yet. i want the person that i fall in love with and they fall in love with me to have the key. so it would mean that you are my missing piece to my heart." i looked at me with an amazed look in his eyes."what?" i asked knocking him back to reality." i never knew a girl that have a tattoo that much meaning and keep it hidden and secured for that right person..." i blushed a little and hugged him."but Julia i do love you and i meant everything i said." he whispered into my ear while we hugged. we finally arrived and i was asleep on Zayns shoulder and he fell asleep with his head pressed against mine."Julia Zayn wake up." Louis softly whispered and lightly shook us till we woke up. i looked up at Zayn and he looked down i flashed him a sleepy smile and crawled out the car and he followed."hey sleepy head." Niall said hugging me up picking me up from my waist raising me in the air."hey." i flashed him a weak smile. he put me down pecking my lips. i turned around and Zayn was looking at the ground."boys i think the girls are here!" i yelled at them because it was really loud in the parking lot."ok." they said in unison. the girls walked up to us and i said hi to all of them giving them hugs."Zayn Perrie, Perrie Zayn. Louis Eleanor, Eleanor Louis. Liam Danielle, Danielle Liam. Harry Felicity, Felicity Harry. girls this Niall, Niall this is Eleanor, Perrie, Danielle and Felicity." hey all greeted and we all walked in and went to the corner. we all ordered drinks i got Louis and Eleanor got 2 Dark Ales - Black Cat Mild, Liam and Zayn got Lagers- Carling Black Label, Niall and Harry got Ciders- Woodpecker (the cider is an beer), Felicity and i got Bitters- Ridgeway Bitter, and Danielle and Perrie got Spice Night."here taste this one." Zayn said handing me his beer. i nodded and took a sip."Damn thats some good beer!" we were all pretty much drunk because we drank like 6 of there strongest beers they had plus 4 of the ones we got that werent as strong."Z-Z- ZAYN I GOT TO P-P- PEE!"  i screamed at him studdering a bit because of my drunk level. so as i walked over to the bathrooms bbut before i could go in i saw something that i never want to see... Niall and Perrie were kissing! so i ran out and icouldn't find Zayn so i ran to the car and just colapsed in the car i cried and cried and cried. i felt a hand on my shoulder and i looked up and i was Zayn."Z-Z- Zayn i i saw N-NI- Niall and Perrrie kissing i was still drunk. i looked at his cheeks and saw they were stained with trails of tears."i kn-know i saw th- them when you we...went to the bah- ro- room." he was studdering to but i was worse than him."lets go for a walk.." you could tell Zayn was sobering up quick because he wasnt studdering and got his thoughts straight. i nodded at his suggestion and we hopped out the car just wondering the streets until we hit the beach."come on." he pulled my wrist lightly and we walked over to a blanket that he laid down. the blanket was wrapped around our body so he used that. we laid there for about an hour talking and just having fun."so Julia do you love me like you said?" i smiled and answered"Zayn Malik i'll love you until infinity stop." he smiled at my answer."so Zayn do you love me?""Julia Scott i will always love you." he leaned in and i followed then our lips touched i could tell li was smiling in the kiss and he was too. then my butt started to vibrate and it was my phone i looked and seen Niall."its Niall..." i said in asking tone."dont answer it." i nodded and pressed the ignore button. i think in the last 10 minutes they called like 20 times."lets go swimming." Zayn said breaking the long silence."ok that should but fun!" so we stripped naked and Zayn picked my naked body up and ran to the water."OH MY FUCKING GODDDDD THE WATER IS SO C-C-C COLD!" i screamed at Zayn as he threw me in the water. he smiled and walked over to me and pulled me close making me feel safe and warm."better?" i nodded. i pressed my chin on his chest and looked up at him and he looked down into my eyes. i flashed him a smile."you tired?"Zayn asked looking into my tired eyes i nodded and he picked me up and carried me like a baby to the blanket he put on his boxers and pants and i put on my underwear and his shirt. we laid down on the blanket staring at the stars i turned and pecked his cheek and shortly after i fell asleep cuddled up next to him.

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