No Escape from your love! <3

I really dont have much to say... hope you enjoy!!!


13. christmas eve!

(6 months later)

"wake you love!" Niall said screaming at me to get up."NO!!!" i quickly snapped back."please babe! its Christmas get up! we gotta leave in an hour!" Niall screamed at me kinda annoyed."fine... were are we going anyway?""we are going to Harry's house for Christmas.'' he said rubbing my back in circles. during the 6 months i moved out of Harry's and Niall and i bought our own house. it wasnt fancy it was perfect. it had 2 bedrooms, 2 bathrooms, a sun room, and a big back yard. it was also in the woods right in front of a beautiful pond."Hey Julia do you know if sketchy and Lilyan are coming?" Niall asked from the closet. i haven't talked to them scene we graduated school witch was about 3-4 months ago."no remember i haven't talked to them in forever!""oh yeah..." i quickly jumped into the shower when i got out i dried my hair and pushed Niall out the closet so i could get my outfit. he looked at me from head to toe and smirked."what?" i asked looking into his blue eyes."nothing just admiring my beautiful girlfriend." i blushed a bit and smiled. i finally chose my outfit and i had to choose his outfit to we are  this... my outfit

Niall's outfit...

i let my hair have its natural curls and Niall does his usual spike up. i quickly applied light make up."im ready Niall." i screamed down the stairs. he was sitting on the couch waiting and looked up and examined my body. he had a big smile on his face causing me to blush a little."wow babe you look stunning." Niall said walking up to me and pecked my cheek."you look very handsome Mr.Horan." we both giggled. i demanded Niall to grab the presents. as we got into the car Niall grabbed my hand a held it the whole way there. when we finally arrived i heard Harry yell he came to the door."hello love, hello Niall!" Harry said before he pecked my cheek and Niall and him did there little hand shake."Hey love!!! Hey Niall!!!" when we were done greeting everyone we finally sat down on the couch and just talked. i walked into the kitchen to see all the moms cooking."hello Miss.Jenny!" i said giving her a hug."hello Julia! you look adorable!" she said kissing my cheek."merry Christmas."i said sitting on the island. but shorty forced out the kitchen."Julia i love you to death but get out the kitchen." Miss.Jenny said strictly to me so i listened. i walked back into the living room sitting on Niall's lap."My mom kick you out the kitchen?" harry asked and laughed when i nodded. Niall started to rub my back."So you ready to meet our family?" Niall asked looking into my eyes staring at my soul."yeah..." i said looking at the ground braking the eye contact. Niall picked up my chin."whats wrong?" he said whispering into my ear."nothing... just its my first Christmas... with out my mom... i have no family left..." i said as a tear rolled down my cheek."that's not true you have all of us."Niall said kissing my lips."dinners ready!"Miss.Jenny yelled from the dining room. i sat between Niall and Harry. Zayn hugged me before we sat down "welcome to the family." he said whispering into my ear. i smiled and quickly pecked his cheek. i saw he blushed. skipping dinner. as we finished up dinner we all we walked to the living room opening presents. i got harry a hat that said styles in graffiti, i got Zayn a new art set, Liam a watch that hes always wanted, i got Louis a phone case that that said my bestie is Julia mine says alot of things like my bestie is Louis,i <3 Niall, J+N, anti-bully ect. i got Miss.Jenny a golden heart locket necklace. i hot Nialls mom a scrapbook of me and Niall and Niall and her. finaly everyone was waiting for me to open my gifts. so i opened up Zayn's firstand it was a painting of me and Niall, Harry got me a charm bracelet, Lou got me a new outfit plus a new hat, liam got me a $100 starbucks gift card."thank you all i love it!""mine is last!" Niall said handing me a bock. whn i opened it i saw this...

"Niall its beautiful..." i said almost speech less. so after thaat everyone started to leave and so did we. "bye guys!!!" i said hugging everyone i gave the boys a quick peck on the cheek."see you guys tomorrow." as we drove home i fell asleep in the car and Niall carried me to bed and we just fell asleep after that.

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