The Clock Wars

My entry for the Hunger Games: Catching Fire contest! This is from the perspective of a girl chosen again for the Hunger Games. She is from District 11.


1. Reaping Day

           Chapter 1: Reaping Day


My eyes flutter open in the weak light of the morning. Dusty light shines through the open windows, creating a trail of soft gray on the hard wood floor of the room. I don't consider it mine, not after our previous victor died and I took her place in the Victor's Village. Biting my lip, I quickly remember. It's Reaping Day. No, not just a regular Reaping, of course not. It's the Quarter Quell. Though I have already won the dreaded Hunger Games, this year the districts will be Reaped from the victors of each district.


Meaning I'll probably get in.


And I'll die. Horribly, and probably at the hands of the Careers or even worse; the Gamemakers. Now that many have rebelled, they'll probably kill a lot of the outer districts' less famous victors. Like me and many others.


Or I could just kill myself, although that's not an option, I'm not exactly suicidal. Like, at all. I hope.





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