I cant control it.

I can't control it.
I can't help my feelings towards you.
I just need you.
You help the Demond inside me escape, your my angel..
Your my everything.


6. chapter six

*molly's P.O.V*

As he looked deeply into my eyes, he started to lean in. Butterfly's were flying around in my tummy. Then his soft moist and tender lips met mine and kissed me passionately for a long several minutes. I broke the kiss after a long time, breathing heavily, we looked into eachothers eye untill he spoke. ''Does it have to end now?'' I blushed a little as he said that ''I need to find Taylor, I'm worried about her'' ''okay princess, see you around then'' he said disappointed. Just as I got out of the car, I paused for a moment looking into his heavenly eyes ''how about you help me look for her?'' I said ''urmm.... Yeah... Sure okay?'' He said a bit unsure of his decision.

I saw my car keys on the table as I walked through the entrance to my apartment. I didn't worry about her as much then. ''Oh, she's here. My car keys are on the table.'' ''Oh, so I'll get going then?'' ''No no! Make your self at home, I'll get us some drinks'' ''oh okay then'' he said slowly making his way to the living room. As I rushed into the kitchen, I quickly looked at my self in the reflection of the microwave, lowering my dress a little to reveal a bit more of my cleavage, I was still abit drunk, but I liked him a lot. I wanted him on me! Oh my, what was I even thinking! That's not me! I'm usually the sweet innocent girl, out of my old group of friends who live In americA, who are coming down to England to visit me and Taylor once we've settled, I'm the only one who still a virgin!

As I walked into the living room holding the drinks and then sitting by Zayn, handing him coke and Malibu. ''Thank you'' ''your welcome'' we took a sip of the drink and sat in silence. It wasn't awkward to be honest. ''Hey... Princess...'' ''Mmmmhh'' I mumbled ''you look beautiful tonight'' he said lifting up my chin with his finger. I smiled whilst blushing, then his finger ran down my neck and started to unbutton my dress, revealing my bra. We looked deeply into eachothers eyes, and then I cupped my hands around his fragile face and pulled him to my lips, kissing him hungrily, I felt him smile as he kissed me back.

After kissing for a while we stopped to take a breath, he then unzipped my dress and threw it across the living room, then pulling my legs to force me to lay down, I giggled, he smirked. He took of his shirt revealing his lushious tanned v line and 6pack, I bit my lip looking at him, moaning as I did. He chuckled and then kissed me even more hungry then the last time.

*zayn's P.O.V*

As I took off my shirt I was molly bite her lip, making me chuckle, god she was so beautiful! She made me feel like all the other girls I had sex with were just worthless, and a waste of time! Were as just talking to molly was making me happy, every time I looked at her or she looked at me butterfly's filled my tummy, or even when she talked or even smiled!

*molly's P.O.V*

Not breaking the kiss, he lowered my pants, tickling my inner thigh. I stroked my hand down the top half of his body feeling the hard lumps as I went down, giving him goose bumps. Suddenly I felt a rough hand graze against the top if my area, making my heart beat out of my chest. He slowly ran it down a bit further making me let a little moan, that made the corner of his lips edge up to his ears. I but my lip as he teased me. That boy-_-. As it was just about to get a little more serious, we heard footsteps upstairs getting louder breaking the kiss. I looked up and could see Zayn looking up to. "Is your parents home?" "No, I think that's Taylor" "oh" and he turned back to kissing and teasing me. "No what are you doing? She can't walk In on us like this" "oh come on? She won't care?" "No I don't to do this" I said then started to realise If I let It go on any further I will lose my virginity to a stranger. "Nope we definitely can't do this" I said getting up and handing him his clothes, just as I up my bra and pants on I saw someone standing there looking at us in the corner of my eye.

"Molly?" "Shit! Taylor!" "Urm who's this and what's goin on?" "Urm, it's not what it looks like" "hmmm is that so?" "I'm Zayn by the way" Zayn said looking up at Taylor. "Taylor" she nodded slightly. "Well I'm going back upstairs, leave you two to ya know..."she turned round and walked back up the marble staircase. " oh btw thanks for stealing my car" "anytime sweetie" was her lovely reply.

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