I cant control it.

I can't control it.
I can't help my feelings towards you.
I just need you.
You help the Demond inside me escape, your my angel..
Your my everything.


4. chapter four

''Hey I'm Liam!'' ''Hey I'm molly'' '' how old are you?'' Liam asked ''I'm 16...you?'' '' 17' we both just smiled. Liam was kinda sweet, and truthfully I didn't feel awkward around him. I snapped out of gaze and looked around for Taylor, she seemed to have disappeared? Then I saw her talking to a guy with brown curls. I laughed out loud as I said ''mop head'' he actually had beautiful hair. He had soft smooth skin, just a few blemish's but it didn't really show. He had pale green eyes, I could see Taylor getting lost in them. He really was beautiful. I walked over to them '' hey Taylor, who's this?'' ''Im Harry'' he smiled cheekily, Taylor smiled flirtatiously, playing with her smooth long hair. ''Im a friend of Liam's Niall Louis and Zayn'' he said proudly. '' Zayn? Who's Zayn?''

I looked around confused then feeling somebody's arm leaning on my shoulder, weighing me down. ''I am'' he smiled, this boy.... This boy was a beautiful boy.. A very beautiful boy.... His shiny black hair in a quiff, his skin a fair colour, with a slight beard. He had both of his ears pierced making him look like a bad ass. He had dark brown eyes that glittered. Like Taylor, I was lost in them, I stares at them helplessly. 'Hello?'' 'Hello?'' ''Are you okay?'' ''Do you need somthing?'' The voices got louder and louder untill I realised I was just staring at Zayn while him looking at me confused. Oh crap I scared him off! This beautiful boy, perfect in fact, and I just stood there looking at him like some weirdo while he was talking to me. Brilliant.

''You want a drink?'' Zayn asked, like he was trying to forget the weird thing that just happened. ''Yeah, I would like that'' I smiled as he placed his arm around my waist, making me tingle inside. When we ordered the drinks, I thought how sexy the bar tender was, he winked at me, I smiled shyly. Zayn noticed the little flirting and pulled me closer to him marking his territory. I wasn't his territory.

After a long dance and a few more drinks, I noticed I still wasn't drunk i was just merry. Zayn pulled me by my arm guiding me to a black car... We got in the back of the car, I was a bit giggly but it eventually stopped when Zayn tucked a strand of hair from my behind my ear. I looked deeply into his eyes. Oh crap. I was lost again. I felt a smooth set of lips crash gently against mine.

As we kissed for several minutes his hand slid up under my dress smoothly grazing my thigh. I grabbed his hand before he could go any further and moved it down, he tried it 5 times but I didn't want to. I finally broke the magical kiss, looking into his eyes as I did; butterfly's loop the loop in my tummy. ''I better go and find taylor, she'll be worried'' I said disappointingly. He didn't seem to be as disappointed as I wanted him to be. ''Bye beautiful'' I smiled as he said those words and shut the door and went inside the club searching for Taylor.

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