I cant control it.

I can't control it.
I can't help my feelings towards you.
I just need you.
You help the Demond inside me escape, your my angel..
Your my everything.


5. chapter five

As I looked around the club, including the toilets, I felt a hand on my bum, slightly pinching it. I turned round to see a mans face looking at me hungrily. ''Can I help you with something?'' I asked ''yeahhh ya carrrrnn, you can tell moi how to get thisssss bootiful gerl infwont of me into myyyy panties?''he slurred his words, as he was drunk. Who the hell is this guy? ''Im sorry that's not possible'' I turned walking away. Suddenly I felt a cold hand on my wrists as I turned round to face him he pulled me into him, unable to move, he picked me up in a bear hug way and pushed me into the single toilet. I screamed but he covered my mouth and locked the door, then turning to me and looked at me.

''No one walks away from me, especially not a ratsgerlll like youuuuu'' he said angrily. I had fear inside me, making me shiver. As he had me by my mouth, I flicked my leg up kicking him in the private area. He let go of me bending down. ''Hurrggghhhhh' he moaned. I ran out of the toilets going into the car park, I hid behind a car and waited a while making sure he didn't come outside to look for me. He didn't.

A few minutes went by and I decided the coast was clear. As I went over to where I parked my car, I saw that it wasn't there, I looked round to check I didn't park it anywhere else. Nope, that bitch took it home leaving me behind! In my own car!!! ''What a friend'' I mumbled. ''Hey princess, what are you doing out here?''

My heart raced and I turned rounding swinging my arm out to punch that's guy. ''Oww, what was that for?'' He said, holding his nose. ''Omg Zayn! I'm so sorry I thought it was that other....arghh don't worry, I'm so sorry'' I said helping him up, I had guilt rushing inside of me.

*Zayn's P.O.V*

As I walked out to the car park to have a fag, I saw molly looking around. I thought how beautiful she looked, I knew the first moment I looked in her eyes, getting lost in them, I knew she was somthing special, and I wanted her to be part of me. Wait... What am I thinking. Zayn stop. You just want her for sex, you can't have anything happen to you again.

Ignoring my thoughts I walked up behind Molly surprising her, getting a bit nervous. ''Hey princess, what are you doing out here?'' I felt pressure banging on my nose and then stunning to the ground my head crashed violently to the floor.

Trying to shake away the pain, confusingly I asked her ''what was that for?'' She looked shocked when she saw my face, sadness filling her eyes, apologetically she looked at me. God she was beautiful. ''Omg Zayn!! I'm so sorry! I thought it was that other.... Argh don't worry I'm so sorry are you okay?'' She said helping me up ''I'm okay thanks ahaa, who did you think I was some rapist ahaha?'' I asked jokingly.

''Well kind of...'' '' what are you talking about, who tried to rape you!?'' My fist clenching and my face darkening. ''Dont worry he didn't rape me, I managed to escape, I just want to go home but my friend took my car and left me behind, I know what a friend!'' She said shivering. ''I can give you a lift home, I have Harry's keys, and he seems to have disappeared so I don't think he'll expect anything?'' What was I saying!

Before I could change my mind....''actually that would make my day, thank you'' she smiled and kissed me on the cheek. Damn it! Guilt took over me and I opened the passenger door allowing her in Harry's car. It was a bit quiet, but surprisingly, it was awkward... I had quite a big smile on my face. As she told me the directions to her apartment, i couldn't help but look at her, still keeping an eye on the road. We finally reached her block. ''Thank you, I owe you one'' she smiled thankfully. ''Anytime princess'' she had goose bumps running along her arm. I looked into her deep sky blue eyes, getting lost, she smiled shyly at me. Leaning in, I felt her smooth and tender lips against mine, she kissed me passionately.

I didn't want it to end.

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