I cant control it.

I can't control it.
I can't help my feelings towards you.
I just need you.
You help the Demond inside me escape, your my angel..
Your my everything.


11. chapter eleven

After Me and toad went shopping and got some lunch, we headed back home. "Omg this is our song!!" Taylor shouted in excitement "remember 'teenager scare'!!!" "Yes Taylor I remember now calm it" i said giggling. We sang along to the music the whole way home, with our windows rolled down.

"Oh no we forgot to look at the time table!" "I'm sure you'll survive molsaaaaa" "uuugggrrh" I sigh. "What do we have tomorrow anyway?" " i have biology and physics and religious education and English, you have biology with me and religious education with me and then you have maths" "thanks bbe is that it?" "No I can't remember the rest" "oh okay" "anyway I'm going to that little shop down the road to get pot noodles for tea, you want some?" "Yeah go for it" "ill get some to last us for the week when we can't be bothered to cook" "okay just go I'm hungry" "shut up you fat pig I'm going!" I comment back.

I carry 14 pots of pot noodles, to last us for a while, to the woman on a till. "You hungry?" "This isn't just for me" I said feeling slightly embarrassed. "I was joking, that will be £13.89 please." She asked with a slight smile. "Thank you" I said as I walked out the stop, I quickly turned round to see what the name of the shop was. "Co-op... Oooo ohh!" "I'm so sorry I didn't mean to, let me help you!" "It's okay I wasn't looking where I was going" I said with a slight spinning around my head. "Here, urm really, 14 pots of noodles?" The man spinning giggled slightly. "Yeah, I get hungry, Naa there not only for... Omg Liam?" "I thought I recognised you, molly right?" "Yeah, what are you doing here?" "Like I said I was hungry, you?" "I live just up the road with all the boys" "ohh that's nice" the memory of me and Zayn popped into my head "what's wrong?" "Nothing I'm fine" I smiled "great, so maybe you can pop by some time and hang out with us? Bring..." "Taylor?" "Yeah bring Taylor too she seems like fun!" "Oh um I don't think so I - " I'm cut off by the sound of a horn "oop got to go nialls waiting for me, I'll see you around?" "Yeah bye" i say whilst waving at Niall with the biggest grin in the world, they're lovely, I think to myself

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