On tour with One Direction

Ashleigh is just an average, everyday girl with a strong passion for singing. Uploading YouTube videos regularly, she was a star in the making. But one day she gets a very exciting phone call from a certain boyband and her whole life and career as a singer changes...


11. Yes.

Louis POV

Icouldn't beleive I'd finally plucked up the courage to kiss Ashleigh! I'm glad I did too. She was perfect. And beautiful. I'd decided it was the best time to ask now. What if she said no? C'mon louis just do it!

"So erm... Ashleigh. I was wondering if maybe you'd  like to be my girlfriend?" I was praying she'd say yes.

Ashleigh's POV

"So erm... Ashleigh. I was wondering if maybe you'd like to be my girlfriend? " I couldn't believe it! Louis Tomlinson was asking me to be his girlfriend!  What! Me?! My eyes grew wide in shock. 

There was a few minutes silence as I thought eveything over. Louis must've thought he was scaring me because he got to his off and walked towards the door.

"You know what? It doesn't matter. I was being stuoid." He said with a sad shake of his head as he walked off.

The door shut quietly behind him. It was that small noise that shook me back to life. 

What was I doing? Letting Louis get away like that! I suddenly sprang to life.

I ran to my door and openedit furiously. When I got outside I could see Louis in the lift and the doors were closing. 

"Louis! Wait!" I screamed probably waking everybody up. His expression was shocked as I don't think he was expecting to see me. 

The doors were beginning to close but he stopped them from meeting with his foot. I dashed down the hall and threw myself into his arms. He hugged me back tightly and I could smell his sweet-smelling scent.

"Yes," I whispered into his shoulder. He pulled away from me and held my by my shoulders. He had an adorable confused expression on his face.

"Yes?" He asked raising an eyebrow. 

"Yes  I'll be your girlfriend." 

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