On tour with One Direction

Ashleigh is just an average, everyday girl with a strong passion for singing. Uploading YouTube videos regularly, she was a star in the making. But one day she gets a very exciting phone call from a certain boyband and her whole life and career as a singer changes...


10. Hotel room

Louis led me through all of the corridors knowing his way round like he worked here. He'd probably stayed here before though. We were still hand in hand as we reached my room. We had to awkwardly let go of each other when he took the key out of his pocket. Why does he have my key? I thought to myself.

As we entered I sucked in a sharp breath since my room was as impressive as the outside. A big double bed sat in the middle of the room with silk sheets draped over it. An ancient oak chest of drawers stood next to the bed with a fresh case of red roses upon it. The carpet was so soft and tickled my feet. The walls were a plain beige but were covered with beautiful pieces of artwork.

I made my way towards the bathroom which was surprise surprise just as beautiful. The tiles on the floor were painted with roses and a golden shower head looked down at a huge bathtub with a TV at one end.

When I returned to the main room Louis was staring at me again like he always used to.

"It's beautiful," I whispered. I could hear him chuckle at my comment.

"Something funny?" I asked. He shook his head even though he was still chuckling. I plopped down onto my bed and Louis did the same. I turned my head away from him to look at the majestic silk sheets and run my hands through them.

When I turned back around,Louis' face was inches from mine, his eyes staring at my lips. My eyes looked deep into his bright blue eyes. The same ones that got me hypnotised and made me go weak at the knees the very first time I'd met him.

My eyes wandered from his eyes down to his lips. I really wanted to kiss him. I had such strong feelings for him and it was so hard to resist.

His fingers tucked a strand of my hair behind my ear...his lips inches from mine. Both of our breathing was shallowed waiting for the other one to make a move.

Louis leaned in closer and closed the gap between us. His soft lips met mine and he kissed me ever so gently. It was magical as cheesy as that sounds but I'd never kissed anyone before and I was glad I could share my first kiss with Louis. I wouldn't want it to be with anyone else. We kissed for what seemed like forever neither one of us wanting to ruin the moment.

I had to pull away eventually though and looked up to see Louis smiling. A small dimple formed on his right cheek. He was so adorable!

Neither of us said anything for a while before Louis finally spoke up.

"I've been meaning to do that for a while."

I couldn't stop the blush creeping it's way onto my cheeks.

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