Never thought I'd be one of those people who wrote love poetry. Guess I was entirely wrong about myself. Wrote this for my boyfriend when he was feeling down earlier today. We're in a long distance relationship so we only see each other for about a week every four months while he's at uni, but he is seriously my everything.


1. my distant star.

you are my sun.
not because you radiate warmth
when I wrap my arms around you.
not because your eyes shine brighter
than anybody else's in the room.
not because you light up every crevice
of my being when you smile.

because they all go without saying.

you are my sun.
because every breath I take
is down to your existence.
because the nights are dark and cold
without your golden aura to warm my skin.
because you are the center of my universe,
you are the center of my every conscious

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