Usher's niece

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1. staying with uncle.

[ chapter one ]

| Your going to stay with your uncle for a few months |

Hannah's pov

I woke up to the sound of alarm clock ugh I groaned in annoyance I got out of bed and walked.

down stairs and sat down and ate some cereal then I noticed that today I'm leaving to stay with.

my uncle for a few months yay I can't wait you don't understand me and my uncle are like best .

friends but sometimes I wish he wasn't famous so we could get away from the paps sometimes but.

hey that's his career ya know but I need to start packing for LA.

1 hour later

I got all of my stuff packed and ready I decided to call my uncle.

Usher: hello?

Hannah: hey!

Usher: hey sweetheart you flight is at 1:00 so be there ready and then I will pick you up at the air port.

Hannah: okay bye.

Usher: bye.

I got changed into some high waisted shorts and a crop top and straightened my long brown hair.

then I put on some make up and out my shoes on grabbed my phone and got into my car and.

headed towards the air port once I got there I headed forwards the flight and I waited till they.

Called my flight to take off and right when I was about to get on my phone I heard flight 182 to.

L.A. start boarding thank you I grabbed my bags and out them under the plane and got onto my.

seat there was this cute brown headed boy sitting there he had blue eyes and to me he was quite.

Cute I looked at him and he looked back up to me.

The dude: he my name is chance nice to meet you.

Hannah: my name is Hannah nice to meet you too.

Chance: so why are you going to LA?

Hannah: going to see my uncle.

Chance:well that's cool I'm going to see a couple of friends.

Hannah: well that's cool if I see you I will say hi.

Chance: alright

I turned around and started falling asleep because I'm really tired and I don't know why.

Chance: Hannah wake up.

I turned around and looked at him

Hannah: omgosh thank you for waking me up.

Chance: your welcome hey I was wondering can I have your number so maybe we can get together in cali?

Hannah: yea sure!

He handed me his phone and I handed him mine I out my number in.

Chance: thank you I will see you soon.

Hannah: alright bye.

I walked off the plane and I called. my uncle to see where he was?

Usher: hey.

Hannah: hey where are you?

Usher: Justin is gonna pick you up just look for Kenny you'll find them.

Hannah: alright but whose Justin?

Usher: my artist I signed I think y'all have met I don't know.

Hannah: alright bye.

Usher: bye.

I looked around for Kenny then I spotted him I started running to him.



We hugged then he helped me with my luggage then we out it in the car and I got in the backseat.

I guess that was Justin in the front seat and Kenny was driving so I was looking out the window.

until we pulled up into the drive way Kenny parked the car and me and Justin got out I walked.

inside ams saw my uncle I instantly ram up to him and hugged him.

Hannah: I've missed you so much!

Usher: I've missed you more.

I turned around and my uncle pushed me into this room I saw Justin I guess playing the guitar?

usher walked in front of him.

Usher: hey this is Hannah and Hannah this is Justin.

Justin: nice to meet you Hannah.

Hannah: nice to meet you too I then saw two other boys in the room.

Usher: oh and Hannah this is Chaz and Ryan.

Hannah: nice to meet you too.

Usher: why don't you guys take her to the pool?

The guys: alright.

I walked up stairs to change into my bathing suit and it was blue Victoria secret one and I threw.

my clothes over it and walked down the stairs to find the boys in there swimming trucks they.

Looked really good.

Justin: you ready?

Hannah: yes.

Justin alright let's go.

We walked around the back yard and we to the very back and there was a big huge pool I started.

to take off my bathing suit and then I felt everyone stare at me it was very weird I ignored it and.

Headed over torwards the chair to tan cause I needed one I layer there and I heard the boys.

splashing around then I felt a pair of wet cold hands wrap there arm around my waist and pick me.

up I looked up and saw Justin I instantly started screaming because I didn't want to go in the.

Water but of course they where gonna do it anyway.



And just then he jumped in the pool and I felt a cold rush of water on my body it was so cold.

I'll get you back bieber we all started laughing and playing around and after awhile we got tired.

and went back inside once we got in their we all decided to watch a movie I got changed into.

Sweatpants and a shirt and walked down stairs into the den the guys all piled around me and

Cuddled with me after this day we where gonna be the best of friends I knew it we all just clicked

Right when we met each other we all have gotten close after one day I love my bestfriends.

*Hey guys new chapter if you guys get to 5 comments thanks I love you guys and I hope you like my new book thanks :) * and btw I have this book on wattpad to and I already have chapter 2, and 3 up on there I just wanted to share it with you guys too (:

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