Trip Back Home.

Josephine "Josie" was just your ordinary girl. She is 18 and is in a little town named Glens Falls. It is in New York. She was originally from Holmes Chapel.She had a crush on Harry Styles. He became her bully. She ran away and met Justin.


4. Meeting Yet Another Celebrity..

Josie's P.O.V

After I rested on the bench I started to run again because the boys almost found me. I have been walking down past the beach and all of a sudden I run into a boy.. It's about 5 AM. "Watch where you're going!!" He shouts at me but then realizes I am soaked from last night. "Oh i'm sorry. I didn't know you were a girl.. Umm I'm Justin. Justin Bieber." Justin says holding his hand out for me to shake. I shake his hand. "I know who you are." I state plainly. Lily likes him so of course I know who he is. "My friend talks about you a lot." I say. "Oh. Well anyways do you want to come to my house to dry off??" Justin offers. "Sure." I say. "follow me." Justin says while walking towards the beautiful beach house. "Can you tell me your name? You look very familiar." Justin says. "I'm Josie. Josie Tomlinson." I say. " OH! I remember you now! I'm friends with Niall." Justin exclaims. Oh right. Niall is a huge fan of Justin also. "Oh yeaaa..." I say. We arrived at his house. He walks in and yells "MOM! I'm home!!" and so his mom runs downstairs greeting him with a kiss on the cheek. She looks at me curiously. "You're Josie Tomlinson!!" She exclaims. I just nod. She then rushes into a room and brings back clothes. "Here darling! You should change before you get sick!" I just nod. "Thanks..Umm.. Mrs.Bieber." I say while going to the bathroom she told me to use. "Oh please call me Pattie!" She says. I rush and change into a pair of Sweats with the words "Love is Hopeless." on the sides and a tank top that matches.


"Thanks Pattie." I say while enjoying that these clothes are dry and that they fit me. "Justin come here!" Pattie shouts to him. They go into the kitchen and talk in a low voice. "Ok mum I will. Love you." Justin says. He hands me a bag to put my wet clothes in so I do so. "Come with me." Justin says and he walks outside after putting on his purple supras. I slip on my UGGS and follow him. We get into his car and he drives me to the lads house. "WHAT!!! Why are we here!?" I yell at Justin. "Because I called Niall and he told me to bring you home!" He says back to me. Uh-Oh here it goes. We walk up to the front door and he rings the doorbell and Zayn answers the door.....



Sorry!!! I know I haven't updated in awhile it's because I thought people hated this story and plus my brother died so yeah.. I'll try to update more but don't count on it!!

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