1D Imagines <33

An imagine in different scenes for each one of the boys xx
If you have any ideas please comment and I'll put it in here!


1. First Fight And Make Up


You are both sitting in your bedroom minding your own buisness when Louis stands up and gets his jacket from a hook. You frown and stand up as well.''Louis?'' You rest an arm on your hip, leaning on thedesk. He swiftly turned around and smiled, but you thought it was fake. ''Where you going?''

''Just out with some friends, Y/N?' It was more of a question, which made your blood boil and your voice rise.

''Louis! You've been 'going out with some friends' for probably longer than we've been dating! Do you really not have ANY time for me anymore?'' You eyes were threatening you with tears, as Louis' eyes widened at your choice of words.

''Yeah, course I do! But babe...''

''But babe what, Louis?''

''I need some boy time. I live in a house of two girls, you and your friend Ella, but Y/N, I think you should let me off for this!'' He boomed back, swinging his arm in the air of dramatic affect.

''No, Louis! I will NOT let you off! I don't think we'r...''

''No, Y/N...Please. I'll stay just...just don't leave me, I'm sorry.'' He fights back, taking a few steps towards you. You sigh in defeat and shake your head.

''You promise to find more time for me?'' He wince at having to make your own boyfriend promise this, but a girl's gotta do what a girl's gotta do, eh?

''I promise!'' He took one more step towards you, and soon enough, there was no air in between you, as he leans in for a loving kiss. As soon as his lips touch yours, you kiss back, and soon enough, the room was heating up!




''Y/N?'' Niall yells through the corridors of your school. You turn around and smile waving at him. You and Niall have been dating for about a year now, and never ever have you guys had a fall out or an arguement. You turned back around and carried on talking to your friend, Sam, who happnens to also be your ex.

''So, I said...'' But Sam was interupted, and soon enough Niall was in his space.

''Ermm, Niall?'' You beggin, cocking an eyebrow.

''Yeah, babe?'' He smiles innocently, reaching for your hand. But you jerk it away when you realise that Sam was hunched up on the floor in a ball.

''You HIT my best friend!'' You said, as if it were obvious, which it was. Niall just shrugged and tried grabbing your hand again.

''NIALL! WHY DID YOU DO THAT?!'' You screech, jogging up to Sam and looking down at him, sympathy showing in your eyes.

''What do you expect me to do? Just stand here and watch your own EX flirt with you right IN FROMT of me? In case you hadn't noticed, I DO get jealous when you talk to boys, and the reason behind THAT is coz... I love you!'' He whispered the last part, hoping you still felt the same way.

''Yeah Niall. I love you too, but if you could possibaly NOT go around hitting my friends, that would be great.'' The sarcasm was noticable in your voice as slowly every head in the hall was turned towards this years' Cutest Couple.

''Well, maybe if you don't go around FLIRTING with other boys, now, THAT would be great!'' He screamed back, as the hall was filled with shocked silence. The tears brimmed your eyes, and you started shaking badly.

''Well, if that's how you feel...'' You whispered, bowing your head to the floor, where Sam was still laying, only looking a whole lot better.

''No, Y/N, you know I didn't mean it, please... I still love you!'' However many times Niall says this, it always gets to you. Whatever he has done, no one can resist it when Nialler tells them he loves them, NO ONE! A smile crept up on your face as you both started leaning in, finally reaching each others' lips.




You were at a party and Zayn had told you to wait here while he gets you both some drinks, but he was taking a while. Finally, you get up and start looking for him. You had been walking around, dodging all the grinders and dancers and drunkies, when suddenly you spot him...grinding with a blonde.

''Z-Zayn?'' You whisper, but sure enough, with the music blaring as loud as it is, he doesn't hear you, and instead, grabs the blonde's butt. You gasp quietly before running out of the club, and walking down the road. You were only a few blocks down, when you heard an all too familiar voice call your name.

''Please, wait up, Y/N!'' Without turning around, you can hear the pounding of running feet behind you. When he's close enought to hear you, you start whipereing, without turning around.

''Am I not perfect? Am I not the one you want? Do I have to be blonde, slim, and curvey. Am I supposed to be all boobs, waist and bum? Am I, Zayn? Because you're making me feel as though I am. Do I have to have tanned legs and a perfect body? Should I LET you have sex with me every night? Should I be a party animal, a bad girl, a clever chick? What am I ment to be, Zayn? What do I HAVE to be.'' You can hear Zayn's breathing, and even feel it, hot against your neck.

''No, Y/N, course I want you...but.''

''But you want HER more?'' You flung yourself around, cheeks burning with anger, chest rising and falling deeper and deeper, as you breath deeper and deeper!

''No way, no Y/N, no way! I want YOU! You are perfect in MY eyes. This...this was a one time thing, I...I wasn't thinking straight, all I knew was that a girl was dancing alone and so was I! It felt right but wrong in so many ways, I promise you. You donj't have to be some blonde chick who lets me have sex with her EVERY night! In fact, that's why I love you...because you aren't all that. You're in no way a party animal, nor are you a a bad girl or clever babe! But I love you, that's why you should be proud.

Because you're you!'' You were deeply touched, and couldn't help but reach for his hands. Zayn pulled you in closer and kissed you, the deepest, longest kiss you could ever want. And he ment THAT!




You watched as Harry played football with all his friends outside your apartment. You smiled to yourself at how you loved this idiot, and couldn't live without him. That's when you saw a brunnette sashay over to him. Of course any girl would flirt with him, but every time he turned them down. They couldn't help it, the curls that bounced endlessly over his head, the dimples that popped out when he smiles, the wink that would drive any human being CRAZY with love, but he had YOU! He didn't want anyone else, just you. You smiled again, but soon, your smile turned into a frown as Harry leaned in for a kiss. You quickly  grabbed your trainers and ran out of the apartment. When you came near the girl, you pushed her out of the way, and put your hands on your hips, waiting for an explaination.

''Well? Why are you kissing HER?'' You questioned, starting to get annoyed. His jaw touched the ground when he realised that you got the idea you weren't MENT to get.

''It...it was a friendly kiss, babe! Nothing more.'' He insisted, but the girl's smirk told you a different story. Oh, how you WISH you could slap that smirl RIGHT off of her smug face. I gave out a 'ppffttt' sound and shook your head.

''Really? Cause when WE were JUST friends, you never gave me any FRIENDLY KISSES!''

''Are...are you...JEALOUS?'' A simple chuckle rose from Harry's lips, but soon he stopped when he noticed that this was probably not the right time.

''YES I AM! MAYBE BECAUSE I LOVE YOU!'' Harry's smirk fell and with it so did his head.

''I love you too, I'm sorry! I promise, babe, this will NEVER happen again, please...?'' He mumbled, and you could tell he ment it, so you jumped on top of him, straddling him in a hug! You both giggled, before leaning in for another kiss!




It was six AM in the morning and you had just woken up for some reason. You turned around, aiming on giving Liam a morning kiss, but noticed that he wasn't there. Suspicion boiled through your vains as you reached over his side of the bed and grabbed you r phone. You dialed his number and pressed CALL!

''Baby?'' His musical voice hummed into the phone, sending you chills.

''Yeah, hi baby, how was your morning?'' You growled hoping he would get the idea.

''Oh...'' That's when you lost it.

''OH? IS THAT ALL YOU HAVE TO MSAY, WHERE ARE YOU, LIAM?'' You started yelling into the phone, tightening your grip on it.

''Actually, aif ayou want to know THAT bad, I was planning a bloody surprise for you! Clearly it's not what you want, so...''

''A...a surprise, for me?'' Your voice instantly softened and the guilt started it's chew journey through your heart.

''I'm...I'm so sorry Liam, please come home though?'' You were begging, hoping to get him to forgie you for your arrogance.

''No, Y/N. I really don't think that would be a good idea.'' That's when your heart stopped.

''Liam, please. I'm sorry, I just got worried, please?'' You were sobbing, trying not to get him to say those haunting words early in the morning like this.

We're over!

''Look, I'll be home late, mwahh.'' He sent a kiss through the phone, and you sent one back, smiling from ear to ear.

You haven't lost the love of your live, you won't let that happen!

DON'T let that happen! You thought!

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