Brand New School


1. How it all started!

A girl called Lily is in primary seven just moving to High School but then her mum and dad told her that they are moving far away and that she will have to move school. Lily was sad she liked her primary school. She said to her mum and dad "We can't, I will loose all my friends". Her dad said "You will make new friends, and plus you would be moving school anyway". It wasn't the same but. Lily ran to her room crying.

The next Morning she asked her mum "When are we leaving? Do we really have to leave?". Her mum said " Yes darling we need to move and I am sorry to tell you, We are moving away tomorrow. Today is your last day in this school".

Lily was so sad and Angry! She ran all the way to school trying to forget then she had to tell all her friends that they will never get to see her again. She wasn't looking forward to that, But she had to, and she did her friends will miss her they all said.

When Lily got home she looked in the house. The house was empty! Her dad said "Its time to go now Lily, come on".


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