Be a good girl15+


4. 2

"Sam please come on mr. Styles doesn't have all day"jay called out I was frozen I mean I can't believe this " ok" I called out I walked over to them and looked around to see some girls give me dirty looks but I just ignored them

"Bye" I mouth to my friends

Mr.styles got my arm and pulled me next to him he looked at me up and down with a smirk on his face

"How much is she" he asked jay.

"300"jay told him I never really know how much money I was i mean I am still a Virgin I only do blow jobs

"300 only are you sure I mean she looks about 2000" mr.styles said

"Well she is a -" but he was cut off by mr.styles

"How much is she if I buy her " he asked

"Oh she is not for sale sorry " jay told him well what if he dose but me and I live a happy life

"What if I want to go with him I mean let him buy me " I told jay

" you heard the lady " mr.styles told him

"I'm not sure"jay told him

"I will give you 100000 "mr.styles told him

"What in that case she is all yours " jay told him by then he left with jay to go pay

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