Be a good girl15+


1. 1

I stood in line as a curly haired man walked up and down the lines looking at us

I gulped as he was examing us perfectly his green eyes glued to every single part of our bodies, I let out a sign.

My life has come to this where I will be sold to pleasure someone, it was quite weird really since I escaped the orphanage to come here, I had a whole life planned out it wasn't the best life but I had money, I earned money and I could live my life.

I met every single one of these girls there all came from a bad past but they were still strong .it was cool meeting people who went through the same thing you went through.

I stood there in line with my heart beating so fast because he would give me a second look but no body els .

" everybody go take a break well I take to mr. Styles on who he wants to pick ." Jay told us so me and some of my friends all sat down "man do I hope he picks me " izzy said " me too" marry whispers "what about you Sam" izzy ask "I don't know I don't like him that much I mean he's buying us to have sex with him " I told them " but still he's young and not old like the other people that come in here " marry said

"Everyone come back to your numbers " jay called " mr.styles has picked number 3 " jay yelled I looked down to see what number I was on and I was on number 3 .

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