Saved by the Fuentes

Vic and the rest of Pierce the veil are on break from tour in a small town of Denver, Colorado. Isabella Ava Foster is a typical 16 almost 17 year old girl She's in love with Pierce the veil, Sleeping with sirens etc. She's abused by her Father and her Mom left when she was 6. What happened when she Meets Vic and Mike while running?


1. Finally safe

Isabella's P.O.V 
"ISABELLA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!" My dad screamed I flinched when he screamed "Y-Yes daddy?" I asked down the stairs. "GET DOWN HERE NOW!" he yelled I put my Nokia Lumia 928 on my bed and shakily walked down stairs to my dad "You asked for me?" I said hesitantly. All of a sudden I felt a stinging sensation on my right cheek. He slapped me. "What did I do??" I asked fighting back tears "WHY WAS THERE A BOY AT THE DOOR FOR YOU?!" He screamed punching my stomach I screamed in pain "I dont know! I dont know please stop" I pleaded "DONT LIE TO ME" He screamed in my face throwing me down to the floor and kicking my stomach I just screamed and cried in pain. "GET TO YOUR ROOM NOW!" He yelled I immediately got up and ran to my room slamming the door and locking it. I went into the bathroom that attached to my room and lifted my shirt up. It was starting to bruise black and blue. I started crying even more I went to my bed and grabbed my single blade I have hidden in a crack in my bed frame. I took it and started cutting 2 cuts 3 cuts 4 cuts by the time I was done I had 6 cuts. I felt a lot better. I walked into the bathroom and wrapped my wrist in gauze so my dad didn't ask even though he beats me he still asks why im bleeding but then he'd hurt me more. My phone started playing Pierce The Veils cover of Dont Fear The Reaper. I quickly grabbed my phone and saw it was my friend Xander was calling I immediately answered it 
          (X= Xander. I=Isabella note: Isabella is still crying) 
X: Hey Issa I heard everything I heard the screams are you okay? 
I: Me? Okay? When have I ever been okay? 
X: Take a deep breath your gonna make yourself sick if you keep crying like you are. 
I: I need out of here 
X:Look out your window 
(End call)
I shakily got up and walked to the window and saw Xander and his brother Nathan outside. my phone vibrated in my pocket 

From: Xanderrrrrr:) 
Grab your suitcases i know they  packed  We're getting you out of here 
I looked at them and smiled and replied
To: Xanderrrrrr:) 
I just need to pack my straightener and shit into the bag ill be out in a second hide so he doesnt see you guys 
I sent it and saw him nod. I rushed to my closet that was empty and pulled out my suitcases and opened one of them. I went into my bathroom and grabbed my Toiletry bag and through all of my stuff in there and put it in my one giant suitcase and zipped it up. I then went over to my backpack and put my laptop and its charger, my ipod charger and my ipod, my phone charger all in it. I also put in my box of blades and make up kit in my backpack. I opened the window and slid my suitcases down the roof to Xander who handed them to Nathan and put it in his blue BMW that they backed into the grass. I took one last look at my bedroom that was completely empty I put on my Black vans and slipped on my backpack. I climbed on the roof shut my window and jumped down into Xanders arms. We took of running to the car "ISABELLA AVA GET YOUR ASS BACK HERE" My dad screamed I jumped in the car and we drove off. "I love you guys so so so so so so so so so much thank you" I kissed Xander and Nathan's cheek "Dont thank us you dont deserve that your like our little sister we'd do anything for you" Nathan said smiling "We promised we'd get you out of there before we left and we kept that" Xander said.
~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~SKIP CAR RIDE~~~~~~~~~~~~ 
The boys are dropping me off at a house their parents bought awhile ago that they gave me "We have to go to the airport to leave we'll be back in a few weeks stay safe please Text us before you go to bed tonight" Nathan said grabbing my suitcases out of the car "I promise I will I love you guys thank you I owe you so much" I said hugging them both tightly as they kissed my forehead "You owe us nothing love you too go get settled in" I nodded and ran inside with my bags as they drove off.
I finally made it im safe.

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