Love me

I'm Lauren. A hot girl who's visiting her best friend in London. But the problem is: I'm falling for my Best friend's boyfriend. And I'm falling HARD.


1. Chapter 1

My name is Lauren. I'm from Australia. My skin is like gold and my hair is to. I'm tall and I've got white tooths. People say I'm perfect but my opinion is that yes, I am. But everyone is so there's no diffrence.

Right now I'm sitting on a plane on my way to London. I'm going to meet my best friend who has moved there.

My thaughts are being interrupted by the pilot saying we're landing in five.

Oh my god. I can't wait to meet Bonnie again!

I'm running into the airport. "LAUREN! Here!" I hear a voice call. I turn around and seeing Bonnie together with five guys. Everyone exept one of them seem quite bored. The only one who's happy has blond hair and blue, gorgeus eyes. That must be the boyfriend Bonnie has talked about on Skype.

I'm running into Bonnie's arms and hugging her tightly.

"Laur! I can't belive it's been a year!" She said and gasped.

"Me neither." I told. "So, who are you guys?"

The curly one is starting to talk but Bonnie interrupts.

"This is Niall, my boyfriend, Harry, Liam, Zayn and Louis." She explains.

"Well, nice to meet you guys. I'm Lauren." I say. I've never had problems talking to guys. Bonnie has always had them. Blushing all over and so on. The best with easy talking to guys is they think you're cool.

"Hi Lauren! Can we call you Laur?" Harry says.

"No- that's my nickname for her." Bonnie says.

"Oh c'mon Bon! You can share!" I say. Everyone exept Bonnie starts laugh but I decide to don't make a scene of it.

"Hey, should we go?" Niall says.

"Ya, sure."

I knock on Bonnie's and Niall's door. It's Niall who's opening.

"Hi Laur. Bonnie's on shoppingtrip with Ambrey, but you can come inside? She should be here in an hour or something." He said with a smile.

"Sure!" I said, smiling back.

"So.... How long has you and Bonnie known eachother?" I said sitting down on their bed.

"Maybe one, two weeks." Niall say.

"Oh, yeah. Bonnie's the on who's at a guy she thinks is cute fast." I say slapping myself. "I shouldn't have said that! Please don't tell Bonnie!" I beg.

"No. I wont. But can you explain to me?" He asks, quite confused.

"Well, one year ago. I was in Australia, my home, and waiting for Bonnie to come and visit. Me and Bonnie driving home to my place who's I was sharing with my boyfriend. She tells me she's going on the bathroom and snaps away. After like half an hour I wonder if anything is wrong so I'm walking to the bathroom catching Bonnie and my boyfriend having...." I swallow hard. " Then she says "Hi Laur! I met your boyfriend! He's cute." And winking. And I guess I loved her so much I forgave her. But then my boyfriend broke up becuse he wanted to be with Bonnie. They got together and had sex all the time. In my bathroom. But then she rejected him and told me she was just using him for... Yeah, you know what." At this time I was crying hard without even noticing and Niall holding me in his arms. It was so comfortable to just lay in his arms.

"Shhh, baby. He was an asshole." He said calm.

"Yeah" i sobbed. "But Bonnie? She's just like that and I'm pretty sure she's seeing someone right now behind your back. Uggghhhhh! I'm terrible for telling you this."

"No, shhh." He calmed me. I looked in his eyes and we both smashed our lips together without a thaught. His lips was so soft, so calm. They moved with mine in sync. We pulled away and blushed both of us.

"I know this is horrible of me to say but that was an awesome kiss. I want more." Niall said.

"Mhmm. Me to....." I said.

"Well, we will have to see eschother on the time Bonnie's..." He cleared his throat. "...Making out with another guy."

Niall's phone did a noice and he checked it.

"Well, at least not now." He said showing me his phone.

From: Bonnie :)

Be ready boy. I'm coming home in ten. And I'm in good mood for making out (with more) right now. ;)


"Um, disgusting! And a wink to!" I said with a disgusted face. Niall chuckled.

"See ya later alligator!" He said.

"After while crocodile!" I laughed going away.

Once i got in my room my phone vibrated.

From; Nialler :D

Meet me and Bonnie at Starbucks tomorrow 11am? ;)

To: Nialler :D

Yeah! Sure. C ya! :)

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