Deafened by the silence

Olivia is mentally ill. She hears voices and sees things that others don't. She spends her days in an asylum, never leaving, never changing.
When Aaron, a new, handsome, young doctor starts, Olivia uncovers the truth about the asylum she grew up in. Can she escape and save herself and Aaron, before they're deafened by the silence?


1. 1: Olivia




I let the tears fall. The voices were screaming at me. All day every day, that was all I heard. Them. Suddenly the door to my room opened. 

"Olivia Addler." the doctor said.

Wiping at my face, I looked up at Dr. Peers. He regarded me with cold eyes, he stepped forward and preformed the same old examination. It was over in a few short minutes, Dr. Peers left, bolting the door shut behind him. I let lose a scream.

"Kill him, kill them all." one of the voices whispered.

Another one mumbled "Kill yourself, waste of space."

"Your so fat."

"And ugly, don't forget ugly."

"Stop!" I screeched "Just stop it!"

They got louder and louder, chanting insults. My hands covered my ears and I rocked back and forth. I couldn't take it, I needed some relief. I started to sob. Very loudly. Soon enough I heard nurses running down the hall. Once again my door was unbolted and 3 nurses rushed in. One of them sat beside me; trying to pry my hands off my head, she was whispering encouragements. The other two loaded up a needle, getting ready to knock me out.

"Make it stop!" I begged, finally opening my eyes.

"Honey, listen to me." the one beside me said "You've got to control it, tell them to go away."

"I can't." I wailed

"Just try."

I concentrated, hard, so hard that my vision went fuzzy, and black spots danced in front of me. Then. It all disappeared.




Falling. I was falling through the darkness. I reached out, desperately trying to grasp something. Nothing was there, I tried to scream, but my mouth wouldn't move. Turning and twisting, I finally saw something that looked like a bottom to this pit. Thanking whatever God existed, I prepared myself to be flattened. Instead a haunting voice spoke.

"Welcome to hell."

I sat up gasping and sweating like a pig, my hair was soaked; so were my sheets. Slowly my breathing returned to normal, and I held my hand to my forehead.

"Help me."

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