Even if you think the world is absolutely screwed up, everything is more psychotic when you desire someone you can't have. That's what happened to me. (Harry Styles/grunge fanfiction)


1. Rouge Williams

Rouge WIlliams


Well my name is Rouge, thank god for my father naming me because I would most likely be named something totally anal. I am absolutely sarcastic so if I end up hurting your feelings in my meanings of writing this, I probably wasn't serious. I hate people but I have a lot of friends if that makes any sense to you. I hate country music. I also hate my entire family besides my dad. My hair is medium length and is dirty brown with black streaks. The first time I died my hair my mom almost cut it all off but my dad said he liked it. My eyes are a strange pale blue which are different from all of my families who have brown eyes. I'm 5'9 which is really tall compared to most girls in Bristol. I really hate Posers and I dislike people in general. I have various piercings and one tattoo. My clothing style is quite minimal and if anyone has a problem with it, I really don't care. I am 19 years old and I wish that I wasn't me.



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