That One Boy<3

His eyes. His smile. His hair. Him...

Jenna and Ollie meet. They fall in love. Then they officially become an item, and Jenna couldn't be happier, but suddenly it's like they're drifting apart and she starts to wonder if Ollie really is the boy she fell in love with. There's love and there's lies, and Jenna learns that people may seem like angels, when really they're not at all.


6. And there he was...

A sudden knocking sound woke Jenna up suddenly. Someone was banging on the front door. She fumbled around in the dark to try and find her phone to check the time. 6.00am. No one else in the house was awake so she sneaked downstairs, carefully trying to avoid the really creaky step at the bottom. She twisted the key in the lock and slowly opened the door, thinking 'who the heck is knocking at my door at this time?...'

And there he was. In front of her stood Ollie, wearing black converse, jeans and a hoodie.

"What are you doing here?" She asked, still half asleep and realising she had drool on the corner of her mouth from when she'd been sleeping, she quickly wiped it off. Talk about awkward.

"It's nice to see you too" Ollie joked.

"Sorry, it's's just really early for me, do you wanna come in? "

"If you don't mind" He smiled.

Jenna led Ollie into the sitting room and sat down on the leather sofa.

"I just wanted to come and see you, we haven't spoke in a while and I knew where you live so I thought I'd pop by. Sorry if you didn't want me to come..." Ollie trailed off.

"No no, I don't mind at all, I'm glad you came. It was just a bit of a surprise, that's all."

Jenna's heart jumped when she heard a creak on the stairs and the door to the sitting room was pushed open. Scarlet stood in the doorway, looking as tired as Jenna felt.

"What's he doing here?" Scarlet asked.

"I should probably be going.." Ollie said.

"No, stay, it's fine. You're definitely an early bird.." Scarlet replied.

The room fell awkwardly silent for a while, until Scarlet started speaking to Ollie like Jenna wasn't even there.

"So you're the fit lad that's been hanging out with my sister" Scarlet winked at Ollie.

"Erm, I wouldn't say fit..but me and Jenna have been hanging about for a while now"

"You better treat her right you know, or you'll have me to deal with babes" Scarlet winked at Ollie again.

"Hi guys, if you didn't notice I'm totally still here" Jenna joked.

"Yeah, I'm off to back to bed. Oh, and Ollie? I wouldn't stay around here for too long" Scarlet warned him.

And with that she trotted back up the stairs leaving Ollie and Jenna alone again.

"That was my sister" Jenna mentioned, embarrassed.

"Yeah, I guessed, she's pretty"

"Yeah she is.." Jenna replied, a bit hurt that he'd called her sister pretty, even though Jenna knew Scarlet was. She'd always envied her sisters beauty, especially when it came to boys, they all wanted Scarlet and never Jenna. But now she'd met Ollie, Jenna had finally got a boy that liked her and no one else, or so she thought..



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