Finding Hope

Harry Fanfiction

Meagan Lester takes off on a life changing journey. Not planning on returning she goes through thick and thin trying to find some where that she truly belongs. Will she find love?

Read more to find out!


3. Chapter 3:

Meagan's Pov:

The train seized to a sudden stop as it came into London. My eyes flittered open to see, a curly haired boy? "Aaaahhhhh!!!" I screamed. The boy's eyes opened widely as he covered my mouth trying to calm me down. "Shh shh shh.... It's just me, Harry." He said calming me down lowering his hand. "Sorry you scared me for a second." I said in relief. "Dang it! I totally forgot the boys are still in the train car next door!! Paul is going to be so mad!" Harry realised in shock.

"Your not leaving me.. Are you????" I asked looking back worriedly as we both stood up. "I'm sorry but I've got to go... But I don't want to." He said staring back into my eyes and we held each other's hands. There was a long moment of silence and starring into each other's eyes. "I've got to go to." I said staring down at my feet.

At that moment the door of the train car burst open with a very angry, tall, security guy appeared. My first instinct took me over . My hands reached for my backpack as I slung it around my back side, with my blanket and Harry's coat still on me. I ran for the side of the car and leaped, falling into the soft grass of London....


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