My diary

There is a girl called Emily who has a diary duhhhhh well that's the name of the story any way Emily has a diary that she writes in and writes till her heart tells her to stop or her father tells her to stop wasting paper she writes in her diary that she hates him and he is a waste of skin but she dosnt let anyone touch the dairy or look at the diary she gets bullied because she has glasses and all, she does is write in her diary....have fun reading


1. the life

Emily is 13 years old she has blond hair and bright blue eyes she has a pink fluffy dairy with pink fethers and a set of ballet shoes on the front of it because every saturday she watches the ballet dancers dance and she claps after the show she runs back to her room and rights all about and how amazing it would be to be one of those dancers.


Emily hates  her father so much he gives her into trouble because she is writing in her diary apparently it's a wast of paper Emily hates him and writes in her diary well if my diary is a waste of paper witch it's not then your a waste of skin but Emily is to scared to say it to his face it would be as we'll if he looked like a hobo.


emily calls him a hobo because she hates him if she had a gun she would shoot him we'll that's what she writes in her diary

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