Loved You First

Heather Ford just joined Prince Hamish High School and meets a curly haired boy known as harry. She is there throughout his journey on the X Factor and meets the rest of One Direction as they are formed. But is it harry she really likes?


4. You Live Here!

The next morning i changed into some fresh pants and put yesterdays clothes back on. I usually ride my bike to school but id left it at my dads and it was way too far from here. so i had some breakfast and slowly made my way to the bus stop.




I hated the bus journey in the morning it was too long i was stood at the bus stop when a familiar face was walking towards me. It was Harry! "Harry!" i said surprised. "Why are you here?" he took my hand and lead me on the bus, he explained everything to me and i felt so bad.




After School


School was finally over for the weekend. I came through the front door and Robin told me that he had been to my dads to pick up all my stuff. It had been a great day for me, and coming home and not expecting to be shouted at was such a good feeling.






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