Loved You First

Heather Ford just joined Prince Hamish High School and meets a curly haired boy known as harry. She is there throughout his journey on the X Factor and meets the rest of One Direction as they are formed. But is it harry she really likes?


5. Friday Mornings



It was Friday, ahh. I love Fridays. My first week was almost over. I washed my face, put on minimum makeup and prepared for the long day ahead. Its a fundraising day in school so its non-uniform. I put on a white superdry tank top, light denim lacy shorts and blue vans. I put my hair up, pick up my schoolbag and head downstairs.



I woke up to the sun peaking through gaps in the blinds. Shit. I've slept in. I usually sleep in on Fridays.

"Harry! I hope your up! The bus leaves in 5 minutes!!!"  My mum shouted from the kitchen.

A moan escapes my mouth at the thought of leaving my bed. I roll out onto the floor where I spend a few seconds, then jump up and get ready. Every once in a while our school has fundraising events, this means its non-uniform. I put on some jeans and a hoodie, grabbed my bag and shot out the front door sprinting to the bus stop. I figured its quicker than riding my bike and I get to see heather on the bus anyway. When I get there the bus is about to leave so I have to chase it a few metres before the bus driver stops to let me on. "Late, again!?!" Heather says smiling, moving her bag so I can sit down beside her. She starts to burst out laughing, I sigh "what now?"

"hahahaha, I'ts... haha I'ts your hair, Harry you look like you have just come of a rollercoaster!"

I look at my reflection in the window and, to be honest, if I was Heather I would be crying of laughter. I sigh again, put my hood up and head for the door as the bus is coming to a halt.



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