Loved You First

Heather Ford just joined Prince Hamish High School and meets a curly haired boy known as harry. She is there throughout his journey on the X Factor and meets the rest of One Direction as they are formed. But is it harry she really likes?


3. Enough

I hated it when my dad was always screaming at me. I sat on my bed and checked my phone for messages, none. At that moment the door was forcefully pushed open, hitting the wall. "I TOLD YOU TO STOP SHOUTING AT ME!" my dad shouted in my face. I was so annoyed and pissed off I just stood up and punched him in the face, I knew it was wrong but it felt good. I was sick of it, whenever I came home we would just fight about the most stupid things, id had enough. he fell onto my bed in shock and grasped his bleeding nose I just picked up my school bag and a couple of pants, ran down the stairs and slammed the front door. I never wanted to go back, luckily I had my wallet and phone in my pockets. I was walking to the bus stop, I was going to my mum's house.


An Hour Later


I was walking up my mums street and I noticed a house that used to be empty had people in. I could see them through the window, there was lady playing calmly with two babies. I carried on walking to the end of the street which was where my mums house was. I rang the doorbell and I could see a figure coming closer to the door through the frosted glass. I hadn't spoke to my mum in years and had a variety of mixed emotions going through me. nerves, what if she has moved and this is someone else's house now? love, I had missed her so much. hate, I was so annoyed with my dad. Suddenly the door opened and a man was standing in front of me. a man??? "can I help you?" he asked politely. "Yes I'm looking for a lady called Anne."

"Anne, my wife"

what th- wife! before I knew it my mum walked to the door with a massive grin on her face, "Harry!" she shouted and hugged me.


I came inside to see my sister Gemma sat on the sofa shocked. we all sat down and I explained how mw and my dad never stopped fighting about nonsense and how I didn't have anywhere to go. And she explained that she had been re married and her new husband is called Robin Cox. " Your always welcome to stay with us," my mum said kindly I accepted the offer and went upstairs to make my bed.




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