Loved You First

Heather Ford just joined Prince Hamish High School and meets a curly haired boy known as harry. She is there throughout his journey on the X Factor and meets the rest of One Direction as they are formed. But is it harry she really likes?


1. First Day

"Harry, Harry Styles," he said to the man.

"Ok thanks, here's your number, it should be called in roughly two hours," he replied.

"Thanks, bye,"

That was a long while back. Things are really different now, that was back when me and Harry were together. It started in sixth form. It was my first day at Prince Hamish high school and I didn't know anyone. I walked into the school grounds alone and sat on a bench, then the bell rang. I didn't even know where my tutor was!?!?! I was so nervous and I didn't know who to ask, even though it was the start of the year no one seemed new and everyone knew where they were going. I just followed a girl from a distance. She had long red hair and was wearing a miniskirt, even though the school policy was a knee high skirt. She also had a lot of makeup on and her tie was undone, she seemed a bit of a badass. I followed her into a small room filled with about 14 students at various ages. There was a man at the front of the room behind a desk. He had wrinkly skin, spikes up grey hair and was quite  small, according to the plaque on his desk he was called Mr J. Prinze. "And who are you?" he said with a posh voice "Urm...Heather"

"Are you unsure of your name?" he questioned me


"Do you know where you are? You seem lost,"

"Yeah I am I don't know where to go,"

"Ill check the Sims. Surname?" He said. I had only been speaking to him for 2 minutes and I already hated his guts!

"Ford," I said

"Your tutor room is 342. James show her room 342,"

"Yes sir," said a blonde haired boy with glasses. He took me to my tutor and made convocation along the way. Finally I got there and when I walked in, my heart stopped. There was a brown curly haired boy with dimples and green eyes! I freaked out inside, he was so cute!

"Hi I'm Heather, I'm new and this is apparently my tutor," I said facing the teacher.

"Ah, yes we've been expecting you. I'm Dr Abubaka a science teacher, and this is your tutor," he said to me with a friendly smile. I looked at everyone and stopped at that boy, we made awkward eye contact for a few seconds and then I noticed he was checking me out! He looked at me from head to toe, then smiled and nudged his friend. I blushed.  I sat down next to the wall, alone. I was sat in front of that boy, I could hear him whispering to his friends. I didn't hear much but I heard my name a couple times, I blushed slightly more as I heard the word 'hot'. Then the bell rang again, I left the room not knowing where to go. "Hey, I'm Harry do you need help knowing where to go?" Holy crap, it was that cute boy, his name is Harry!


"What's next on your planner?" I gave him my planner and he compared it to his. "We have the same all week, just follow me."

I took my planner of him and followed him to the first lesson.





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