What is under the bed

Amy go's to sleep. Suddenly in the middle of the night he hears a dripping sound from the ceiling .She start's getting scared .She leans over her bed and sticks her hand under her bed,she feels her puppy lick her hand and feels safe . But 20 min later she wakes up and hears the same sound again. she walks to the attic & see's a horrible thing. Her puppy has a rope tide on her neck & is hanging from the attic's ceiling with her guts dripping down. You know humans can lick too!


2. The beast

   As Amy's dad turned around he see's a human-like animal with a 24 inch tongue.The animal races to him .Suddenly the animal graves him and sticks its long tongue through his throat and start's choking him to death. When Amy's dad is dead the human-like animal and ripped his stomach in half and eats its guts.Amy and her mom stayed up waiting for him but soon as time past they fell asleep.The next day, as the sun started to rise up Amy got up and went outside to play.As she walked to the back of the house she screams after seeing her dad ripped in half  and his guts being eaten."MOM AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA" she shouted from the top her lungs.As soon as mom came she called the police (411) . The police  did a search but nothing no sine of the fucken killer.The night started to fall again and Amy & her mom stayed in the living room praying for her father. As soon as Amy fell asleep her mom went to the kitchen for a large warm glass of milk with chocolate chip cookies.When mom was in the middle of her meal she besides to open a window  because it was getting hot inside the house.As soon as she did a little black cat jumped in the window.Mom walk's to the cat and as soon as she try's to get it, it start's forming to the human-like animal. She didn't even have time to scream .The monster rap's its long tongue on her neck and  begins to strangle her. After she is dead it grabs her by the head and takes her eyes out and start's shoving the rest of her body in its huge mouth.In the next morning Amy walks in the kitchen for a glass of cold water. Since she didn't see her mom anywhere she thought her mom was outside. suddenly she hears Butter cake barking in one of the corners of the kitchen. Butter cakes was chewing on something. Amy see's its her mom's eye!

     She is now alone in a house with only the company of Butter cup.But she knew that soon that would all change.Of all the crying  she did she fell asleep. But woke up by a sound.It was like something was dripping from the ceiling of the attic.She got scared.She stuck her hand in the bottom her bed, and her dog liked her hand which made her safe.20 min later she is waken up by the same noise . she gets up walks to the attic and as soon as she opens the door she find's Butter cup hanging from the roof with a rope in her neck and her guts dripping to the floor

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