What is under the bed

Amy go's to sleep. Suddenly in the middle of the night he hears a dripping sound from the ceiling .She start's getting scared .She leans over her bed and sticks her hand under her bed,she feels her puppy lick her hand and feels safe . But 20 min later she wakes up and hears the same sound again. she walks to the attic & see's a horrible thing. Her puppy has a rope tide on her neck & is hanging from the attic's ceiling with her guts dripping down. You know humans can lick too!


1. Welcome to your new house

     Amy and her parents  were planing to move for more than 1 year but never had the money to buy one. one ordinary day turned to a good day. Amy and her parents went for a car ride out of town. 20 minutes later they find a old little hut . Although it was in the middle of no were and had some problems they decided to buy it.In less than 1 week they move to the crappy houses. When they arrive they investigate the house and Any finds this little room.She chose it for her room. Soon night came "Amy its time to go to sleep" yelled Amy's parents.Amy,being a good and responsible   daughter raced to her room. With Butter cup (her puppy) following along. "Good night Butter cup" she said softly. Se shuts her eyes and try's go to sleep. Suddenly she hears scratches by her window. " Aaaaaaaaaaaa Mom Dad" . They race in her room "What,What" they said antisocially. She explained what she heard to her dad.He go's outside and realizes it was just a branch scratching the house's roof . 

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