When Hunger Strikes

Hope is told not to fall in love from the day she was born, but if she does, something terrible is going to happen.
Her father disappeared when she was little and is now living in the middle of no where, and the only reason was so he could protect them.
Love is so tempting for Hope and is she willing to stick to the rules or will she break them?
She takes a journey to her fathers hiding spot but will she find out the truth? and will her mom be happy about her breaking all the things she thought her?


1. Love.


Love. It can be painful and it will make you fall down and down into a deep whole, without stopping. The endless black whole can give you a rush that can't be described or it will make you feel like nothing. A big fat nothing. I think that is the feeling you get when your in love, but how could i tell when I'm told not to love. Why am i always in a situation when i need to choose between my family or love. I'm afraid to feel something but at the same time I'm willing to let so many things go for the people i love. I guess that it's just because of my overprotecting family, even though it seems like there is something else to it. I know that there is something my family isn't telling me because i do wanna feel- fell everything. 

But something is holding me back and i don't know what it is. I actually do want to fall so deeply in love, blushing by the thought of your lips and warm arms, but i know that my family is different. I does seem like we don't fit in. 

                                                                                                            ~ • ~                                                                   

I could imagine that love makes you feel like your in heaven and flying with angels, being protected by their wings of protection. There you can't be hurt, except if your like me. I'm Hope. Yes my name is Hope  and it is so not perfectly suited. My family looks at me like I'm distant to be something great and do something great in life, but it is not the look you get when your family is supporting you, it is the look that wants you to do something, or some terrible things is gonna happen. I live with crazy people in a crazy town filled with secrets, and that is affecting me. They call me the hope of town which is very hard to live up to, if you ask me. I'm still not able to figure out why they call me that or why my parents did choose the name Hope. I'm just a normal girl, down to earth, lost her father because of his repulsive decision of suddenly moving to a little town in the middle of no where, but i have my mother. I do miss my father very much and i think about him every night. All i know about my dad is that he did what he had to do for our protection, he just needed to leave. My mother told me that a long time ago and I've always been fine with it. But i did grow older and my suspicion got bigger. I need to know why i am that special in this town and why everyone keeps telling me not to fall in love. 

I do wanna fall in love someday and just be myself, but i don't know what it is like to feel something so strong as love. I've always guessed how it would feel, but I've never felt it. I've always been used to just being by myself and not letting anyone else in because no one ever told me different, but if i could just break the rules once and break free from this shield, which kind of feels real, i could fly with the angels in the sky.  


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