My Life 🌸


1. The new me ❤️

So my name is Sara, I'm 16 years old, please don't look at the spelling or the grammar >< i,m just posting to share my feelings and my experiences. Today I had a misunderstanding ( <~ this is a long word =)) ) with my tow best friends, they didn't cared about me, the didn't show me that the love me also they didn't treat me the way i treated them!! i was so sweet with them, i always wanted them to feel happy, also i changed my personalty and did the things they love just to make them happy and i forgot my self :( but today i just realized that i have to start care about myself and start to focus on the things that make me happy. first i met a new girl, her name was rand, she is 15 years old, she is going to be 16 on this Saturday <33 she is amazing !! also i met her friend, her name was deema, she is so cute :(. they gave me a paper and told me to write the things that i would make me happy. so the first thing was learning English :&. i know i can write but i don't know to talk very good and also i don't have an accent :$. the second thing was writing a dairy and thanks god i found this website and i'm going to write and share everything with you guys <33. the third thing is i want to read a book and finish it :( i always wanted to read a full story but i'm always lazy :(. the last thing is i want to learn Spanish <33333 like this is so going to be fun if i learned Spanish :( yes i will show off =)) OK i think this is enough for today because i also have an English exam tomorrow so i need to go and start studding إن شاء الله , see you later guys LOVE YOU ;***

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